Muriel Bola de Ejercicio | Jun 30, 2009

Duración: 5:41 Minutos
Comentarios de los Miembros

How was it I ignored this film for so long? I must have believed some of the negative comments. Actually an outstandingly erotic video! First the film features Muriel: enough said! Such a beauty, every time she looks at the camera is a killer. Second she is, as she should be, most appropriately totally naked throughout! (That I get to see Muriel naked is a miracle!) Third it has a fantastic score, which, incidentally, is the same score featured in my favorite Hegre model's (Mona) only film. (Yes, Muriel is my second fav!) Fourth, it has a variety of delightful and revealing poses that are perhaps unique to this film. To analyse the film and its high points: 0:31-0:44 a delightful side view of the butt. Muriel's tits hanging down here and again from 241-306 allows them to expand and fill out to their full glory. Another very erotic way to show a girl's butt is looking down from head as we see at 240, 314-6 and 327-335. One of the comments said the film was not revealing. Au contraire! Again and again from 112-6 140 151 and from 347 to 517 (409-412 perhaps the best) Muriel spreads her legs wide to give us delightful looks at her luscious thick pink labia and entrancing dark cunt hair. And yet there is more which makes this film an absolute delight. The laughter of the naked Muriel (how delightful to see a naked girl laugh!) at 418 420 and (accompanied by her bouncing tits!) at 424. High point of this film the super sexy bare-naked buns and open butthole shots from 307 and 325. The deficiency in truly good butthole looks in all of Muriel's other films is thankfully made up for here. Thank you Hegre and, most of all, thank you Muriel!
I liked the rocking and rolling
It was a nice video, and Muriel was a nice fit for the exercise ball. I agree with the flash editing comment below. It was alittle to quick. I was engaged in a shot and then it was gone, and then back again. oh brother. But of coarse I stayed till the end.
Well...that's ONE way to get me motivated!!!
Very hot and erotic girl but the one-second flash editing and cutting gave me a headache so I didn't watch all of it. 5/10.
Bring back Patricia
Sorry Muriel but Patricia is so much better at ball games and her finishing routine is rounded off with a beautiful (genuine) orgasm. Strange that this isn't mentioned in the blurb, because where it is referred to on other recent features I remain sceptical that we have truly witnessed this very sensitive and beautiful act. Of course I naturally acknowledge the very convincing acting on those other occasions.
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¡Ejercicio con Muriel!

Algunos de nosotros necesitamos que nos motiven un poco para ponernos a hacer ejercicio ¡pero con la nueva película de la semana, Muriel te convencerá de inmediato de que mantenerse en forma puede ser muy divertido!

Únete a Muriel en la sala de ejercicios, donde la verás someterse a su rutina de fortalecimiento con una pelota de hacer ejercicio... ¡desnuda, por supuesto!

¿Y quién mejor que Muriel para sacudir el cuerpo con tantos rebotes? Con sus generosos pechos y sus curvas fantásticas ¡no olvidarás tan fácilmente esta sesión de entrenamiento!

¡Así que vete ahora mismo al gimnasio Hegre y deja que Muriel acelere tu pulso!

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