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Gabriella Fishnet Pantyhose | Jul 07, 2009

Playing Time: 8:43 Minutes
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One thing I really like about some of Gabriella's sessions is how wet she gets. I'd love to see this from more of the models. Maybe before a shoot Petter should give his models a few moments alone to work themselves into an appropriately aroused state.
Share with my mates
Gabriella's luscious pussy was made for this captain to eat. I'd love to take her on one of my voyages and share her with my crew of well hung Jamaican sailors. I'd love to watch her cum as each mate has her. Yes, we do bring babes along now and again, some are willing and some not so willing!!!
How In the world does peter do It?. He must have nerves of steel to be around such beautiful women who diddle themselves to orgasm. Gabriella Is a gorgeous model, and I gave her video a big 10. Thank you for a wonderful video.
Like, really really real?
When God was handing out perfect breasts, Gabriella got in line twice. I wish she were still on Mr. Right, because she could come play in LA 'til she found him... and there's plenty of Mr. Wrong to go around!
My Gabreilla
Gabreilla is the woman I married over 20 years ago. When I see her I am reminded why I fell for my wife, but when I see my wife I know why I am still in love after all these years. True beauty is timeless, and I wish for Gabreilla all the love I still share with my Gabreilla.
I need to taste Gabriella's exquisite, sticky wetness.
this session gives you an orgasm like an earthquake
beautiful gabriela
again, a beautiful masterbation session by gabriela. she seems to enjoy her body so much. its beautiful to watch, it really is. hamman is still my favourite though. surely now these stunning girls have crossed the line into complete sexual abandonment. maybe next time, i would love to see gabriela slid those beautiful long fingers inside of herself...? now that would be hot. and the way she gasps and moans so softly when she hot! more, more, more, please! and more oiled up sessions, like hamman!
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Fantasy in Fishnets

Gorgeous Gabriella returns this week in an ultra-hot new film -reminding us all of just how much of a woman she really is! 

Some may say it is a cliché but really? In our opinion beautiful women and fishnets go together like peaches and cream and Gabriella certainly proves it!

As uninhibited as ever, Gabriella can’t wait to slip her fingers down inside her pantyhose and play with her perfectly plump pussy. As she rubs and caresses herself into a state of arousal, those tight fishnets offer up the most tantalizing glimpses of that luscious pussy!

Very hot and not for those with a weak heart – come and enjoy Gabriella once more!

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