En coulisse au Mexique

July 28, 2009
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Rencontrez le Maître

Vous êtes émerveillé par toutes les mannequins sensationnelles de Hegre-Art.com, mais quant est-il de l’homme derrière tout ça…?

Cette semaine, prenez plaisir à écouter Petter Hegre dans un film exclusif où il parle de ce qu’il en coûte de tout mettre en oeuvre. Tourné au Mexique, cette interview passionnante et approfondie met à nu l’homme qui a eu la vision nécessaire pour créer le site web de nu classé numéro 1.

C’est une occasion rare d’en savoir plus sur la vie d’un photographe de nu de renom, le tout avec des vidéos montrant les préparatifs intimes des mannequins sexy de la production du Mexique.

Ne manquez pas ces séances photos et ce tournage exclusif de Petter au Mexique, vous prendrez votre pied !

  • Durée d'exécution : 15:41 Minutes
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Commentaires des Membres

Great!! may be the best video!! more like this!!! thank you!!
Hello Peter, the process is clear in my head! I need to meet you and learn or work with you! all that you say , all that you feel for pictures i feel it, i do myself those kind of pictures and it will be a pleasure for me to share with you...i leave in reunion island close to mauritius ever been here for a shoot? Hope you will see that post.. Ciao
wundervolle aufnahmen von wunderfollen geschöpfen...
It seems to me that you make photography whith your heartblood and not fot money i can feel that in every picture thank you
I personally would like to meet peter and see just how he makes such wonderful pictures & movies. He Is truly the master of the nude photography. I am a happy member and will always envy the master of the camera.
Best video yet!
This video was absolutely great! I really appreciate the chance to get a little insight into the behind-the-scenes world of hegre-art. (And, like the other poster, I can now pronounce Petter's name!) Seriously, I really think this one should be separated from the normal "girl(s) in a setting" videos and given it's own link from the home page, so future subscribers can find it more easily. And similar videos would be great for future location shoots, not necessarily all the stuff about Petter and the site in general, but showing the location scouting and shoot preparation, etc. Thanks again for an excellent piece, erotic AND informative!
Altered impression
Honestly, I always thought you were kind of a douchebag, but having seen this video I think my opinion has completely changed. You're a pretty cool and nice guy. Well done bud!
This is I think your best video for all of us. We are able to get to know you much better, with regards to your art. Thanks for all that you do for us. Paul Mcg
Thank you Petter!!!
Again, I am a wannabe, myself. it's nice to hear what the life is like from someone who lives it! BTW...Thanks for saying your name!I have been wondering how to pronounce it for a LONG time! and, nothing sounded quite right!LOL
Really cool documentary! I hope we get to see the shots soon, they all seemed really hot! Thanks for taking the time to explain what happens behind the scenes. It helps me appreciate your shots even more! Keep up the good work!
Meet The Master
Nice behind the camera show, Petter! Your comment about the likes of Playboy really hit the nail on its head. Salute to the Maestro!