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Melissa Orgásmica en México | Aug 18, 2009

Duración: 4:45 Minutos
Comentarios de los Miembros

wow. my wife loved this too as she has shown me that all shower heads are not alike. water and pressure can be amazing together, great video.
Fabulous skin, muscles, strength. Lovely pussy and breasts and mouth. All kinds of liquid flow for her.
Melissa again and again please?!
Hot! Never fails to turn me on! Longer, more private, I want to hear her breath. I love this girl!
Very nice, could have used a bit louder audio on her though and not so much of the water. Still,, very nice
MELISSA from the Czech Republic Goes Orgasmic
Ahhh, Melissa, in this video, you have caused a lot of hot, unbidden, naughty thoughts to sweetly cum to mind. Soo sexy. Need I say more?
hot girl
Tres beau film. Tres belle fille.
water pleasure cry just great; I was moved ; one of the most enjoyable
Hot Rub
The ultimate pleasure ~ total surrender to the joys of orgasmic ecstasy.
It's clear to the naked eye that Melissa under estimated the power of water?. She has a gorgeous body, and appears to get her nut In the hot tub It was a thrill to see her rubbing her hot shaved kitty, and listening to her moans of joy. Thank you for a wonderful video, I gave It a 10.
I loved this movie. My only criticism is that the water was a bit loud. It almost overwhelmed the moans and groans coming from the model. Melissa is Stunning.
Classic Movie!
The groaning is so damn hot! This will be one that will be around for a while to come! It has that lasting quality.
One of the best
I agree that this is one of the most erotic films on this site. Thank you to the lovely Melissa for sharing her "beautiful agony" with us, and thank you to Petter for capturing it so perfectly.
I wonder if that laugh on the thumbnail was right after she remembered she was being filmed!lol Thank you Lovely Melissa for sharing your most intimate moment with us!
I loved this video, you get better and better with this good stuff. Melissa is so damn beautiful, the perfect body. Hope to see more of her in the future and thanks. Paul Mcg
Melissa Hot Tub
What an absolutely amazing film. Melissa has obviously surrendered herself to the moment. Petter, this is quite possibly the most erotic film on the site. Thank you and Melissa for sharing this moment with us.
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