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Christiana Rolling in a Round B... | Aug 25, 2009

Playing Time: 14:48 Minutes
Members' Comments

Very exciting movements by the play of muscles and skin. Really esthetic!
Seriously. The girl is beautiful, but she spends the entire time covering her tasty bits with her hands? Come on!
She's a GOD
I realize that this i a bit late but I must say that Christinia is amazing!
Gorgeous woman, but I was worried that she was going to fall off the edge of the bed.
Absolutely stunning
Terrific stuff. Another example of what makes this site great. Want to see more of this beauty.
We know Christiana has a great body and this fim demonstrates it perfectly, I gree with Mark, Petter you should have kept shooting something great was about to happen. Part 2?
This was a nice touch with the round bed and Christiana is a goddess. I think could be one of your best jet. Thanks so much and can't wait to see more of Christiana. Thanks. Paul Mcg
I don't comment often on Petter's films; however, Petter, this film might be your best. It was mesmerizing, hypnotic. Christiana seemed in her own world, and you captured it perfectly with a subtle soundtrack from Bliss. Great stuff. My only hope/question is: is there more? Christiana seemed on the verge of something 'special.'
very sexy
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Bedtime Secret

Lithe, flexible and totally at ease with her body, new model Christiana makes her film debut on this week.

Meeting a girl this comfortable with her own body is a rare thing. Christiana however, is natural and instinctive - a woman who is supremely confident with her sexuality.

So enjoy the view as you get to witness an intimate moment in the bedroom. We don’t know what erotic thoughts are going through the unshaven blonde’s mind but we guess those thoughts can only contain moments of pure pleasure…

Prepare to be seduced by Christiana in this seriously sexy new film!

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