Christiana Pillow Talk

October 20, 2009
Private Moments

You fell in love with her natural good looks and flexible physique when she made her debut on Hegre-Art in July 2009 – now you can get to know Christiana a whole lot better.

This is your chance to hear a young woman’s experiences and views on sex and sexuality – a fascinating insight into the mind of a Hegre model.

Discussing literally everything openly and frankly – Christina doesn’t hold back. From early sexual experiences to lesbian sex right through to oral sex and anal sex – Christiana leaves no topic uncovered.

Explicit and frank and yet sweet and shy – you are going to love getting to know Christiana more intimately!

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Members' Comments

How remarkably intimate.
a film like this adds a superb added dimension to this lovely girl, even more so because it is not a put-on show for the camera, Christiana allows us to get closer than we could hope for, and what matters to her, and hopefully to us, is her wonderful candor, not political correctness. A very touching film.
Just sort of blew my mind. Came in with erotic expectations but left stumbling a bit emotionally. Was reminded again, that emotional nakedness is much more intense than physical nudity. It's what true love is built on. So Christiana, thank you for your candor. You appear to be as beautiful on the inside as outside.
Pillow Talk
I'd like to see more of these interviews. I find it very exciting to hear the girls talk about orgasms, sew with other girls, etc. I love the balance between excitement on the one hand and diturbance and voyeurism on the other
very natural,very sexy
i guess this is ok but frankly is there another world where its possible to know people as in christina without the trappings of language and sexual barriers. Its easy to see in this film strip christina as unabashidly(hope thats a word) honest. But i sense she is somwhat uncomfortable with it... Good for her ! Shes' sure is cute too
Freedom of Expression
Yes Christiana exercised that right very touchingly ~ you Hegre exercised the same priviledge to draw attention to the gallery, but it was a deceit which you chose to defend by censorship because you were uncomfortable with the truth. Genuine artists have always sought to exercise this freedom through art literature and music and many have bravely come to grief for their beliefs.
Slovakia For The Win
First the National Team qualifies for World Cup and now Christiana graces us superbly. She is so naked in this video and I don't mean lacks clothes, I mean it's her and a camera, raw. What makes this so special is that there is seemingly nothing special about it. That's the magic. I love it.
Christiana Pillow Talk
I was nice to hear from a model about these topics, but it would even better if they were to talk during a shoot about how they are feeling sexually, especially when they are turned on. To see them masturbate and talk about how they feel would be incredible!
She was very frank and honest about her life. Christiana is very charming and beautiful. Her boyfriend is a lucky fellow. Thanks so much. Paul Mcg
Christiana Pillow Talk
Wow she is one highly sexed young lady , very nice too. I too would like to see more of the lovely ladies on this site interviewed like this.
Normal ~ Natural & Nice
She further confirms my long held belief that girls enjoy more intensely loving sexual experiences with other girls. During the interview I couldn\'t help thinking that if this was a British lass she would be tarty, sporting a spray tan and lashings of makeup. Just a thought, it would have been nice to hear her thoughts on literature, art, food and popular culture. Christiana seems like a really nice girl but she does not light my fire.
That was fun
That was lots of fun. I would enjoy hearing what goes through the mind of some of the other hotties on this site as well.
where do i find a girl like this??
beautiful natural girl!!
this girl is really amazing!!!
great stuff she is like the sexy girl next door
This is an excellent film and although I wouldn't want to see an interview every week I think it would be a great idea if we could 'meet' the girls in this way and get to know the real person behind the images. Christiana is lovely she has such a sweet and shy personality like the text above says and yet what a naughty little minx she is!! I would like to see Anna S, Marlene, Muriel, Suzie Carina and Dominika C interviewed like this. Thank you Mr Hegre and Chrstiana for a truly fascinating film.