Dominika C Private Show

November 3, 2009
Sexy Secrets

Welcome to the private world of the gorgeous Dominika C!

You're in for a treat this week as members' favorite – Dominika C – reveals all! Sexy Dominika talks about everything from her love of masturbation and sex to her feelings about her unique pussy!

Cut alongside clips of this beautiful model's photo sessions with Petter Hegre – this is one film you are going to want to watch again and again!

So come and listen to what Dominika has to say and really get to know this one-of-a-kind young woman!

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Members' Comments

Private Show
Most erotic model and film ever made
private show
what a beautiful looking girl,lovely figure beautiful shaven pussy,and those pussy lips oh my god how i would to play and kiss/lick those befor putting my tongue to work on her clit and inside the pussy to bring it to orgasm very slowly just as she describes in the vid shoot.A nd then glide my cock slowly into that pussy slow and hard just as she says cos it,s my favourite way as well,the feeling builds up so intensely when doing it slowly.As for her giggling in the vid well she,s proberbly doing it out of embarresment describing such intimate details openly on camera .There is a big difference in being a model and talking openly about what you like in sex.I just wish i was the one giving it to her the way she likes most,and good look to the lucky one who is.
Beautiful girl, great pussy, talks pretty well for a foreigner, too much giggling. 4 of 5 stars.
Won over!
I’m not usually a fan of clothing – off with it, I say! – nor am I a fan of the ‘butterfly’ labia; plenty to get your teeth into here, so to speak, but I don’t find it enormously attractive, preferring the small, compact cunt. But Dominica’s personality is so winning that I succumbed completely to this video – what fun the girl is, and what fun she seems to be having. The closing scene is certainly the most obvious invitation to sodomy I’ve seen! I guess I’d have liked to see her masturbate just a little at the end – but hey, I sometimes think we ask too much of these girls. Love to you from me, Dominica.
Dominika C
Awesome!!!! The most EROTIC and HOT model I've ever seen. Dominika, if you read this, I would do to you all the things you described on this film and much more!!!!! I not only think your pussy lips are beautiful but also your starfish. I loved the way you teased by puckering your butt hole at the end of the film.
Dominika C
What a delightfully interlligent, frank, humorous and beautiful young woman....thank you for sharing yourself!
probably the most erotic model I have ever seen on line.Also a very agreeable attitude..Would love to see how she would react to two naked young men giving her a massage..would likely burn out my computer
Great insight into what she likes. Very playful. Love the butthole winking at the end, super hot! Thanks!
The best
She is simply the best - this czech beauty is the best girl on hegre for sure and certain.....
Fun with Dominika and Peter
Dominika exudes personality in the most playful way. The viewer does not just desire her, but likes her, and has fun watching her. It also speaks well of the rapport between the model and the photographer, which to me is very important. Then contrast Dominika's energetic, teasing playfulness to Anna's languid, somehow feline gracefulness. You sir are very good at what you do. This shot in particular reminds me of childhood, and the intense longing that came with observing neighborhood high school girls, well before I had any idea of the mechanics of what I wanted to do with them.
Only one ever made!
There is a reason she is rated so high. She is simply the best, on many levels! Ive watched all her films and she is what I think of when I think of a perfect woman.
Women are from Venus , Men are from Mars
Her honesty is a good explanation of the difference between men and women. A male that came home to a women that looks like this would want to have sex non stop every night. But as Dominika explains, and most women are like this, she has to be in the mood, everything has to right, and to cap it off she only has a small appetite. Then you add in Menstruation, Migraines, and all the other problems. Imagine having her walking around in all her sexiness and wondering when the moment is going to be right, a recipe for purple balls, LOL!
your work
Your work is impeccable, the lighting spot on, your sensitivity perfect. As an artist and photographer, i salute u!
Dominika is so amazing in this film! She is so beautiful. The most unique and wonderful pussy! Her pussy lips are like lovely flower petals! I also love the way they hang! Such a sensuous and sexy woman! That butthole looks so inviting!
Dominika C
Dominika is stupendous. I dont know where Petta gets his models from but wow. What a delightful cunt and those lips are delightful. I do hope in her next film we shall have a taste of her erect clitoris? Nigehug.
RE: Unlike anything I've ever seen before...
Her smile transforms her face and her laugh convey an interesting personality. Personality trumps the frozen-faced ones. Teriffic.
Unlike anything I've ever seen before...
I've looked at probably hundreds of thousands of pictures and watched tens of thousands of videos and I don't think I can remember anything so penetrating in its eroticism as this footage here. She is gorgeous, and has such a unique look all over... The face, the pussy, of course, and such an inviting little asshole. The way she teases the viewer by flexing it would break anyone's will to resist her.
Too many of your girls shave their pubic area. I do find this unfortunate because this, to me is sexy and says thisn is a women.
Heavenly Body
I am going to leap over the moon and gather up all the stars in the galaxy and shower Dominika in clusters of celestial gems.
Domenika C Private Show
Congratulations. I love that video. And Domenika, I love your pussy too. Please show it more often to us. And what about decorating it with a little ring?
The Film...the Galleries
I find the "phenomenon" of exploring the MIND of an ARTIST ('model') simply...LIBERATING! We've certainly become well acquainted with Dominika's illustrious pussy and her biographical data (i.e., "where's she from" and "how tall (or short)is she", or "how big's her tits" etc.,) since our graduation from popular "high school" sites. I join LAURIE (among others) in acknowledging Petter's "BENCH-MARK" passion for getting inside the 'meat' of the 'MODEL'... permitting them (as it were) to explore the "rooms behind their minds"...thereby promoting their careers as ARTISTs, as well as BEAUTIFUL WOMEN...blessed with beautiful breasts and pussies! Petter, please continue to 'blur' the lines between 'model-actor'...'photographer-director' with exquisitely 'intelligent' films of the DOMINIKA, PRIVATE SHOW calibre. They provide a HEGRE-Art 'passport'...permitting members to "pass, without delay or hindrance" to explore the world beyond the boundaries of 'porn' and 'ART'!
Phenomenon ~ Unrivalled
I know I am exceeding my brief but I just need to say that I have just shown this film to my best chum. We met for lunch at a favourite Italian and I invited him back for a special viewing and his response was one of total disbelief. Beautiful~relaxed~confident~funloving and so at ease with her voluptous sensuousness and utterly breathtaking he concluded.
Dominika C
On this video Dominika really show how unique she is....
Bench~ Mark
The previous two interviews pale in comparison, not because of the girls, but the format here was perfect. An engaging mix of chat, erotic exposure and clips is a successful formula for the future. Mind you the girl would need to have the charisma and sex appeal of Dominika to carry it off. I know I can be critical and hard to please but this is the best thing I have so far seen on Hegre-art. Thankyou
Dominika C Private
Petter, if you shoot a thousand more films (and I bet you will),you can never top this. Simply magnificent from every aspect, particularly Dominika herself.It took me forever to find a spot to download to hard drive (5am.UK)and I would go through that frustration several more times if need be.
Where is the 11 for rating this film. Hot, sexy and fun. Thank you Dominika for sharing yourself and your thoughts. I'm in love :).
Sex, Lips and Videotape
Steven Soderbergh would be amazed. Candid and above all amicable.
exceeds all reasonable expectations
always a turn on to see a beautiful woman in a state of wet arousal - bravo dominika
Best Ever!
Game over. Dominika wins. This has to be the most pussy, the most sexy, the most fun film ever made. This girl has a fantastic pussy, and Peter has created the perfect vehicle to display that pussy to the world. I definetley got my money's worth!
Cunt Struck
I can't sleep my head is so full of this astonishing girl. I'm sat at my laptop cradling my hot tumid cock and enjoying the sweet sticky taste of my arousal and I desperately need the ecstasy of orgasm before I achieve the luxury of deep slumber. What an amazing girl.
Paul Mcg
sorry mate but this is the new dominika an individual in her very own right. yeh not in the image or comparable to anyone else. in fact dominika is so extraordinary that i would turn that comparison on its head and judge other girls by her. you are right about the film it is a masterpiece.
I think this video is a masterpiece. Dominika may be the best and I think she could be the new Yanna. This is good, very good. Hope to see more of Dominika very soon. Thanks. Paul Mcg
one amazing woman,a fantastic body and a spectacular vagina,awesome.
Sexy secrets
Marvelous, marvelous, marvelous..... While I am writing these words, I am completely, totally full of warm pleasure in to see this film.The model shows with joy hisì open pussy, she is not ashamed and the is very beautiful to follow him of the changes of suit intercalated by the images of his dark pussy, prominent, perfect, and justly balanced in his substance. When then verses the end they are seen the images of the pussy that it sends forth some his humor, it is understood that the model enjoys in to show his pussy. This is an exceptional thing. sinned that the images are few and that the objective detains him little time on the pussy. Truely a beautiful film.
Dominika C
A very good glimpse of this amazingly erotic model. She has a wonderful body and playful way about her. I only hope that she sticks around for many more films and photoshoots. Perhaps the outdoor shoot on the lounger was filmed... All we need now if for Eufrat to join the ranks of Hegre girls...
This film makes up for all the bland boring stuff of late. Its brilliant, I love the mix of action and talk and Dominika is sensational ~ her energy, enthusiasm and sensuousness making her a dream model. Worth the wait ~ worth a years subscription.