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Olena O Hot Bath | Dec 01, 2009

Playing Time: 12:09 Minutes
Members' Comments

nice one
Olena O
I would love to bath this babe myself. Olena has a very beautiful naked body to be sure. Her skin is perfect. Really like the way that she carries herself. More please.
Pink Pink Pink!! Does it get any better?
skinny girls
it seems a lot of your models/girls are painfully thin...I'm NOT saying I like big girls, but your gilrs are verging on anorexic
RE: Pussy Culture
haha...thanks, that almost made me nut
OLENA's great for her tiny pink lips Special girl !!
Olena bath
Top level. Good model and good production
Pussy Culture
Shaven and satin smooth is aesthetic, free of hair the mound of venus appears plumper and more sumptuous. And it arouses such powerful desires to consume that gorgeously musky pink flesh and sip at the dewy fountain.
I did not care for this video at all. I would so much love to see MORE NATURAL WOMEN (with ample hair between their legs) featured in both future videos and photo series.
I'm glad she did not cut herself. She does seem to be alot of fun. This was nice, thanks. Paul Mcg
she doesn't look so well, too much party, he?
Intimately Full of Moments
Spectacular, bravo! Alright I'll toss in the word mesmerizing and dammit I truly mean each and every letter. O = Gorgeous! By the way, during the part she's shampooing/conditioning her hair, did anyone else blurt out, "Do a mohawk!"
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Feel The Heat

Enjoy a private moment with Olena O this week as she invites you to join her in the bathroom…

Yes, you get to watch Olena taking part in one of those feminine rituals that usually remain private. So watch in awe as every inch of Olena’s toned body and golden skin is pampered.

And of course Olena gives special attention to her perfect pussy and shapely ass making sure the whole area is silky smooth to the touch…

Hot, wet and with no inhibitions, Olena O allows you to share her intimate ritual.

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