Dominika C Orgasm

March 9, 2010
In Bed With Dominika C

Climb in between the sheets with Dominika C but be warned! It’s about to get very hot!

Not one to hold back, Dominka is in the mood for some fun. So enjoy the show as she expertly massages and pulls on those awesome pussy lips! Watch in awe as she works herself up into a highly aroused state, forgetting the camera to reach for the orgasmic release she so needs!

Uninhibited and focused on her own pleasure – now you can really enjoy the gorgeous Dominika C !

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Members' Comments

Thought the shadow during masterbation took away from the excitement of exposing the clit. However, Dominika and her pussy and entire body is amazing.
Dominika C video.
It ended well but there's to much editing in the scenes. She is really hot but it was tough to get into it because of the constant angle changes.
RE: Incomparable
"His firm and flabby pussy". That is hilarious.
Very pleasurable
Dominika has a lovey pussy and anus - and her erect nipples are perfect. Watching her masturbate is a joy. I think I enjoyed this video as much as she enjoyed making it?
RE: RE: so hot
i loved this beautifully filmed erotic orgasmic film. Dominika has a fantastically beautiful body from head to toes and everything in between. You can tell that she was not acting but actually had an explosive and pleasurable orgasm. My fantasy would be able to share my bed with this heavenly siren, Dominika
As I would want my hands to be the hands of Domenica C.!!!!!To be able to manipulate his splendid pussy in the way with which make her. His is a pussy setosa, pearly, compact, firm and flabby, in the beautiful sense of the word, and elastic at the same time and when it opens his pussy showing his rosy vagina, damp, warm, from the alive blood meat, there are no comparisons. It unique is. I never get tired me to look at the movies of Dominica C: It is perfect.
Dominika C Orgasm
A beautifully sensuous film with a beautiful woman arousing and pleasuring her oh, so erotic and stunning body.... I loved the way her fingers gently explored her dark full pussy lips and then began to stimulate her clit... There is nothing more erotic for me than to see a gorgeous woman like Dominika losing herself in her pleasure and bringing herself to orgasm... Thank you Dominika!
RE: so hot
Aim a very hot man and alove italian woman iwant to suck your busy bb
wow :)
Dominika Orgasm
Dominika is very sexy and this film would have been a whole lot better if it weren't for the shadows masking most of the action. I don't know if the shadow was left in for artistic effect but in my opinion it detracted from the eroticism and was very iritating.
RE: so hot
I don't blame you, what a beautiful girl and such a sensuous, fleshy sex.
so hot
I am a hot Italian woman with a very wet pussy. I would love to lick Dominika. She is so hot.
I want some hardcore
Dominika is way tooooooooo sexy However, I want the really hardcore video from her. I'm looking forward!
worlds most beautiful pussy
would love to lick those lips & drink her squirts
She is so natural, so free, so beautiful.....If only women would look at this harmony and free themselves.....
This is a simply stunning creature! She is captivating. Quite possibly the most arousng pussy I have ever laid my eye upon!
Domenica C Orgasmus
Gott sei Dank, dass es solche schöne Mädchen giebt. Petter Hegre sei Dank, dass er auf seine Art uns an diesen Schönheiten teilhaben lässt. Domenika C hat wieder einmal gezeigt, dass eine Frau zwischen den Beinen so schön ist wie im Gesicht. Schamlippen so wunderbar wie eine Lotosblume.
Magnifique... Enfin toute la beauté d'un sexe de femme retrouvée.
simply an erotic goddess.
I am a virgin member here. Thanks to Mr. Hegre and all those who make this possible via membership report. This was a superbly enthralling piece. Wow! A beautiful lady caresses herself to orgasm in such a delicate and erotic way.....Simply wonderful.
Orgasm xx
Dominika is such a sexy lady. Excellent close ups of coming to orgasm. Those pussy lips being spread at the end showing pink. Well done again Dominika & Peter on a hot production. xx
In bed whit Domenika C.
Fantastique, Insuperable. Whitout end.infinite,endless,A marvellous , aboundant, pulpose, carnal, fleishyng, soft, mellow pussy. Best compliments to DomeniKa C. It is necessary one other film as this whit Domenika.!!!!!!!!!!
Fantastic Body
Dominika you are amazing, beautiful and wonderful, and i like to thank you peter for introducing this superwoman to the world. all parts of your body has its own language, have a good time. Thank you Dominika Thank you Peter
Very sexy. It took her 15 min to come with her figners. No wonder it is difficult to make girls come without the help of vibrator when having sex.
Wow, one of the best films ! Very hot and sexy ! Keep on !
wha a meaty pussy which nobody can deny...but is not that juicy after all the hard hand work...may be donm is not reflecting the true side with full passion yet....overall is still a master collection for the fans
I don't think it gets any better then that. Dominika is the best. The music was nice also. Thanks to you all. Paul Mcg
My Doubts Confirmed
I was reasonably optimistic that Dominika would delight us with some lusty finger thrusting. Yes she laboured as witness to the glistening sheen of sweat between her right arm and body would testify. But top billing is clearly still the reserve of Silvie in her explicite surrender. So very nearly searingly hot Dominika.
One of the hottest films ever. What strikes me most is the anonymity that slowly builds to just before the 7 minute mark, then somewhat abates only to resume at 10:45 for the rest of the experience. We'll only then see a few seconds glimpse of Dom's face because, frankly, this isn't about her, it's about her exquisitely shared pleasure. Brilliantly done.