Silvie Bosque Congelado | Feb 02, 2010

Duración: 10:36 Minutos
Comentarios de los Miembros

hello.great unshaved girls.hairy bush are the best.more of this.
I love a natural bush
I don't understand the modern "shaved" woman thing. Little girls have no pubic hair. Mature women have pubic hair. I personally prefer a woman like Silvie, who looks like a grown up woman, not a little girl or a barbie doll. More natural women!
Wow Silvie...
Next time, I want you to make a cream and much more ... wow you are so beautiful I love you ...!
Très envie de laisser mes doigts, ma bouche et mon sexe se perdre dans cette forêt vierge si délectable...
My comments up the film "Silvie frozen bush"
To the beginning very beautiful shots of the breasts.Shots in close up of two perfect breasts. Breasts as fruits of mango hung to the tree of the chest. Then the shots of the pussy and the pube start with some return to the breasts. from the fourth minute in then continuous shots of the pussy seen, from behind that it shows in projecting way his magnificent and turgid clitoris.There has been being then a break for the seventh minute to the eighth minute to take back with a marvelous sequence of the pussy seen from behind. And then there is the embrace of Silvia to the television camera that he/she invites to go verse of her, with you, inside of her. ( You see Silvia when it introduces his/her hand in the vagina, as to say "You Come inside") From the ninth minute in then, the film reaches its apogee. Pussy framed from behind, well widened and clitoris well and well in sight in close up. To the tenth minute here is the more beautiful image perhaps of the whole film: open pussy in close up and clitoris well tense sight almost from under.This shot concludes in thrilling way the film. Very beautiful they are also the shots of the tawny down of the pussy of Sivie that all the images make natural. It also take this, not only and it is always not enough to show a pussy shaved. Skilfull Petter. One other masterpiece!!!
Just loved the bit when she had her back to camera and was giving herself a nice fingering. She was really jiggling about and getting herself off nicely.
This slender beauty has really beautiful, well-formed boobs. Some very nice close-up pussy shots at the end of the video gave some great finishing touches.
With Silvie you can become a bush-fan - in spite of George W. But with or without bush silvie is one of the greatest girls in the web. And her titties are so beautiful - please Silvie don't change anything!
Shaved any day
Is this a Hegre first, finger insertion on video which is very erotic, the film would have been improved for me if she was completely shaved or the neatest of trims. What's the fuss about the tatoo, on a great body it looks great if it was bulging over a tight pair of jeans it would look crass.
say no to deforestation
How wonderful to see Silvie with a full natural bush..please , more like it. My globes are warming.
shaving pussy
I love to see your pussy very near baby... I'm just dreaming to see it all shaved and again and again so near when you open it and play with your lips...
Don't Shave
Silvie - natural is beautiful - please don't shave
also to Kevin
Kevin I was referring more with your comments from Silvie's first gallery of photos at the beginning of the week. You said: " As Silvie has got the usual 'Tramp Stamp' on her back I'd have to guess that she's English. Let's wait and see. Why do so many English girls think they have to have a 'Slag Tag'. Any ideas guys?" Sounds pretty rude about English girls to me?
'English girl Lover' go back and read again my posting. There was no 'vitriol' in my posting. I never said that I didn't like it. I never said there was anything wrong with it. I simply said that every English girl I meet has this very tatoo on her lower back. Also, as Wheeler say it's called a 'tramp stamp' in US. The girl who told me it was called a 'slag tag' was Miss Maidstone (a town in the UK)who was georgeous and had no tatoos.
to kevin
the "tramp stamp", as the tattoo is affectionately known in USA is just "the style" now!
to each their own, I guess, HEH313...smokin hot, in my book!
Kevin You Are Wrong Wrong Wrong!!
Why the vitriol towards English women? Why don't you hang out in classier places? My girlfriend is English she is slim, no tatoo , goes to the gym, eats healthy food. None of your stereotypes fit her or her friends. You are clearly mixing with the wrong kind of English girl!! By the way Great film Silvie and Petter!
You know, those big fake nails are a huge turn off. As is oily cream over hair. She is beautiful, and can be really interesting without those nails. I don't mind the hair, although I prefer baldies.
Not one but three
That's my subscription guaranteed for another year! Exquisite...
War Paint
Phenomenal. This film, this introduction, this week is momentous. Silvie, the name alone, its derivations, is perfect. The calm Balearic music and her slow, controlled moves do nothing to stop this debut from being as thunderous, inspiring and mesmerizing as a speech from King Leonidas himself. Hegre-Art yet again manages to get back to unparalleled basics and gloriously innovate in one strike. Whether alone in her thoughts or capriciously breaking the fourth fall at the ten-minute mark, Silvie has immediately gained a rightful place among the elite.
Silvie. Listen up. I am usually the one saying SHAVE! SHAVE! Silvie I am NOT saying that to you. Please DON'T shave. Somehow you give me what I want without being shaved. Somehow you have changed me. I think that it has to be your lovely face and super body. Listen Silvie, there are more than enough models on Hegre to satisfy the 'shaved' subscribers. Don't shave!! Also, sorry that I thought you were English because of the tatoo on your back. It's just that every girl I meet seems to have that tatoo on her back. English subscribers, please tell me I'm right. Other subscribers please tell me your findings. Thanks. Kevin.
I think she will be happy here with us. Beautiful woman thanks so much again. Paul Mcg
Red Hot?
Ugly, just ugly!
Now that looked as easy as 1-2-3... But sir, it's not frozen at all; it is, rather, red hot.
What a debut, you can't help but love her. A great find Petter!!!
The Testosterone Test
I wonder how long I could tolerate this sensuous creature eating my balls whilst inserting a couple of her fingers deliciously deep into my anus. I had a very explosive orgasm in the shower earlier and I've still got a bit of a stonker. She is dynamite. Bravo Hegre!
I hope to watch a movie with Silvie shaving.
Cream Treat
I have just finished off a handful of cream. Delicious
Shit hot
My goodness I could fuck the little arse off her. At last we have lift off. Brilliant!
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¡Toda una Mujer!

¡Estás de suerte esta semana! Nuestra nueva modelo Silvie hace su debut en la pantalla para Hegre-Art.

Enloquece mientras Silvie se frota suavemente una espesa crema sobre su delgado cuerpo. Admira las vistas cuando se acaricia los suaves pechos y los duros pezones que seguramente son como seda al tacto. Por supuesto que te maravillarás también con los acercamientos extremos a su vagina sin afeitar.

Definitivamente Silvie parece disfrutar de las sensaciones que produce este masaje en todo el cuerpo, ¡seguramente que tú también lo disfrutarás!

¡No te puedes perder la excitación del erótico debut de Silvie!

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