Silvie Bush Baby

February 9, 2010
In Bed With Silvie

Here’s your chance to climb in between the sheets with bush-baby Silvie – the perfect end to our special Silvie week we would say!

With no inhibitions and proud of her sexuality – it seems that Silvie is in the mood for some pleasure. So watch and enjoy as she plays with her wet, unshaven pussy - and believe us, Silvie is not the kind of girl to hold back!

Another scorching hot film featuring our exciting new model – don’t miss it!

  • Runtime: 12:05 Minutes
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Members' Comments

Video versus cam ?
I watched a beautiful young woman with a glorious bush , then a generously opened pussy.The close ups were not boring thanks to the famous bush and Silvie's long elegant fingers. Which cam can match those 12 minutes of intense pleasure?. Definitly one of my favorit videos. And thank you Silvie and Peter.
The baby bush of Silvie
I excite me every time that I see the film Silvie Baby Bush. Its bush is stupendous and hides even more a beautiful pussy and above all I excite me in to see how Silvie it massages its pussy, it opens it, it rubs it, it throws its meat, it extends it and it widens it well and it well deeply sets its fingers inside its pussy, showing an alive, rosy, soft and carnal vagina. His fingers, during the massage of his pussy, they are delicate and you taper and they complete job of true erotic mastery in to massage his pussy. A splendid baby bush and a splendid pussy.
the sleak lines of a perfectionist, the body of a godess, and the skin of olive gold, a truly mezmerizing sight to grace the pages of this website. sheer beauty at its best
Hi Silvie Here I would like to be with you, you caress, lick, kiss, massage your body and your breasts and your pussy paradise, kiss and suck until you explode ... from ecstasy to ecstasy ... wow you are so beautiful
Wow, Silvie is so hot, and such a hot big pussy! Please let us see more of her getting pleasured in a massage frm Zana.
Wild Fantasy
I love that bush in profile, so wild looking, growing in a very fertile place. Fabulous aromas in that hair. Wonderful pink pussy framed by gorgeous thighs.
RE: RE: Erotic model of 2010
Thanks Reggie for responding. I agree,however,there are quite a few Dominika C films.Check them out.She is an amazing girl with enormous pussy lips.So who do you vote for?
RE: Erotic model of 2010
I second Silvie! Though, I can't say I've seen hardly enough films to compare. From what I have seen, Silvie and Dominika C are top notch.
RE: Erotic model of 2010
Thanks guys and gals for not responding.Shame on you.
Erotic model of 2010
O.K. guys.Let's start a contest of the most erotic model of the year.I for one am nominating Silvie as the most erotic model of the year 2010.I had Dominika C in mind for a while but given the fact that Silvie is the most uninhibited of the two, i am forced to say GO SILVIE FOR THE MOST EROTIC FILM OF 2010.What say you all?Please vote!!!! Daniel U.S.A.
silvie bush baby
i am personally a bush guy and this film is right up my alley.Go Silvie.
Silvie Baby bush (suggestion)
Here is another very beautiful film that I had neglected: Silvie Baby Bush. To the beginning I thought that the film would continually have withdrawn the soft hair of the pube of the model, instead the film is a to alternate some images of the soft hair of the pube with the images of the pussy that he is opened, rubbed, pull, brim, always massaged by the model in close up, ending with the hand of the model in the vagina.Splendid. I still repeat: very beautiful and amazing film for the images that it contains.Skilfull Silvie!!!!!
Just amazing
God Silvie is so amazing looking. Just amazing!
In bed whit Silvy
Splendid film. very beautiful first floors of the pussy.but your problem, Petter, is the light. These very beautiful first floors needed to be more illuminated for seeing better still the pussy. Some in fact, and among the most beautiful, they are too much dark color and the pussy cannot be seen well. They had more need light. T hey would have been more interessants and more beautiful. Don't be afraid to use the light. Underline the whole beauty of your films and your fotomodelles!!!!!
Dear Petter, I heartily applaud the addition of occasional penetration films in your work! It is artistic and complements your body of work! Also agree with Laurie! Great comments! Could you request Muriel to do a video of this type? That would be a dream come true! Keep up the good work! Thank you Petter and thank you Sylvie and all the girls!
Silvie is a goddess. Beautiful natural bush. Love her legs and feet.
What a video! A Woman with bush looks so much better, and sexyer than ladys that are shaved.
Need more like Silvie. She is a living doll.
Fuuuck me! She has the most gorgeous cunt I've seen. Thanks Sylvie!
gorgeous natural look
its a matter of taste. those who like shaved crotches have tonnes of stuff to look at, ok?. Some guys adore the natural look and its great that girs like Silvie keep it that way. I find all her pubic hair simply aestethically gorgeous and sexy, and a very welcome change from all the shaved or semi shaved stuff. For some guys who like the natural look seeing shaved crotches is like looking at bald heads. Keep it on Silvie, I think its beautiful. Peter, great job and I hope you will keep the variety coming for those who like the total natural look. Silvie, you have amazing hands and fingers.
We have been Spoilt!
What I really love about this exquisite eroticism is that it is completely natural. Silvie is an exhibitionist but she clearly enjoyed herself in this intimately explicite film. Intensely emotional and incredibly beautiful!
Negative comments
While I agree that people have a right to their opinions, I think the comments from Jamie,"looks worn out and used" are rather out of line. This is just the way this beautiful woman happens to look down there. Comments like that can hurt, but I guess that probably doesn`t concern or bother you.
very very sexy
in bed with Sylvie
Thank you, Petter and team, thank you Sylvie. . .now i'm getting truly addicted!
In bed with Sylvie
Oh my goodness! I am speechless. Sylvie has the most beautiful everything. I LOVE this film. Just one thing.....I'd have loved to see her start with panties on, then peel them off. That scene in 'Thelma & Louise', where she's lying on the bed in her knickers.....the light, the hollows, the bulges.....I'd love to see that all the way through, on film, with Sylvie please......
Next Time
Oh Peter, please encourage Silvie to insert her finger to her butt next time. Would be nice.
Petter Hegre ~ Thankyou
I would like to suggest that future Tuedays double feature the same girl. I would also encourage daily galleries devoted to aesthetic eroticism and the Tuesday film slot reserved for explicite eroticism. Once a week would be a richly anticipated treat and satisfy my addiction. These two films of Silvie were extremely enjoyable, gorgeously arousing and the level of explicitness now an expectation.
I don't understand how so many people can find bushy pubic hair so attractive! Why would anybody like that more than a clean shaven or perhaps a nicely trimmed woman? I just don't get it!
What an exquisite end to a magnificent week - thank you Silvie, thank you Petter...
This is as good as it gets. Petter, you get better and better with this good stuff. This was very nice, thank you so much. Hope to see more of Silvie. Thanks so much. Paul Mcg
Intimacy, shadows, outlines. Then unbridled heat takes over. What an orchestrated symphony. A young 2010 has already proven to be a stellar film year thanks to Silvie, Dominika C and Ira.
Xtraordinary ~ Xceeds all Xpectations
Enigma's "Principles of Love" and hauntingly beautiful Gregorian Chant compliments this deeply moving cinematographic masterpiece. Brilliant!
Probably the best film ever seen on this site. If only this bush wasn`t there... Please don`t get me wrong. I don`t vote for inly totally bald pussies. A neat trimmed pussy-hair like on Suzie Carina, Melissa, Nika and others I sure love very much. But I like it best with no hair on my tongue while licking. Maybe you can get Sylvie to shave or even shave partly... So please show this action on film and show this outstandig girl without or at least less bush. Please!
Fabulous Sylvie
Sylvie is so beautifull and so natural .... Love her natural pussy .... Hegre , please give us another movie of her touching herselves ... This is so hot and beautifully filmed
Fuck Me
Thats a load off my mind!