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Silvie Cowgirl | Mar 23, 2010

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Durée : 10:02 Minutes

Commentaires des Membres

Silvie's pubes
Don't you just love girls who are natural. Wonderful.
Hi Silvie You are my dream woman! You are so nice sweet and have a beautiful body. I love your eyes, your nose, your mouth, your neck, your breasts Your belly, your belly button, your hands, your fingers, your fingernails, your back, your butt, your legs, your feet, your toes and your beautiful paradise pussy ... wow ... wow ... wow The perfect woman ... I love you Many greetings from Lugano Claudio allias Strobelight;-)
Well...if no one else steps up, I'll just have to volunteer. ;)
Silvi,e's Pumps
I love Silvie butt naked wearing only those silver open-toed pumps. She probably looked so beautiful and statuesque walking in them nude with her long, lean and lovely body. I would love to see Silvie in a film totally nude walking in a pair of sexy, black pointy-toed killer stiletto pumps.
I would like to see Silvie making love to some one. She is real hot
What can I say
Her, her photos, and her videos all rate as a 10. If the scale went up to 100...I'd give her 100. I still can figure out what it is about her. She definitely has the "Wow Factor" going on. I hope she sticks around for awhile.
The spring rush vibrant green / Lush after soft rains and rising warmth / Carpets of gold horns bright crocus thrusting eager faces soak the sun / And still white elfin hats gently nod. Catkins silky soft and emerald fountains of willow sway in the gentle breeze / As birdsong in joyous alleluia praise. Willowly girls shimmy legs deliciously rising to seductive softness / Hair fragrantly lavender and wild rose wafting in their sensuous passage. Tis bliss this magic bestowed on this warming place. And so too this angel so naughty. Laurie
Sylvie has a truly gorgeous cunt. I'm sorry - I have to be crude about it coz that's what it is - an epic minge! More of this girl please!
Silvie is nice and I think she is very much beautiful. This is good stuff and I liked the ending. I also loved her nails and I hope we will see much more of Silvie. Well done. Paul Mcg
A Girl For All Seasons
I was in a wintry blizzard when this gallery debuted. Today, as a film, it's nearly full-on spring. Silvie is a year-round delight that's for sure. The sexiest single thing about this movie is her restraint. No need for gymnastics, it's all about controlled movements. Is she a ballerina too? Because her adagio is sublime.
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Montez en selle !

Yee-ha! Montez en selle ! Silvie la Cowgirl revient en ville au galop pour faire bouger les choses à nouveau !

Notre chérie à la forêt vierge est de retour dans un nouveau film plus que chaud dans lequel ses vêtements tombent à ses pieds avec lenteur mais sans retenue aucune...! Silvie sait s'y prendre et taquiner la caméra, votre coeur va se lover dans tous les sens, vous serez pris au lasso !

Ne manquez ce film sous aucun préexte - laissez-vous prendre par Silvie la cowgirl pour le chevauchement de votre vie !

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