Dominika C Schoßtanz | May 04, 2010

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Spieldauer: 6:06 Minuten


dominika c
Wow how did i miss this before .Did'nt know a lap dance could be that sexy.
ah qelle belle chatte
me encantas amor quiciera mamarte tu rico y delicioso ano
Beatiful Dominika
Dominika is my erotic dream. Her sweet smile,her charming eyes, er perfect body, her wonderful nipples, her beautiful pussy.....!! WOW...!!!! I have no other words for this female!!
I'd be at Dominika'smercy anytime!
This girl is a treasure. No disrespect to all the other wonderful models here, but this website could consist solely of Dominika and I would subscribe at twice the price. What a beautiful, beautiful girl.
Cervenkova? Naw-she can't be.
Having recently become single, Dominika C(or whoever she really is) is my home-screen favorite and her image cheers me in my widower days. Sassy, impertinent and delicious, she's the girl I'd like to bring home to meet my parents, knowing then the anticipatory rush of her company. Oh well, dreams are made of Dominika C. What idiot ever let her go?
shes an angel.
So sweet
Dominika is such a sweet sex kitten. I love her smile.
Mach bitte so weiter deine Bilder sind Super und der Film ist auch Gut. Gruß an Alle
delicious bot...
I love this beautiful lady and the video is dilicious bot why you stop the video just like the fun begin ??? 6 minutes is not anough and I love when the camera is very near...
i love you alot kisses
hi kevin
good on yer big boy we dont need no filth innit that silvie thing was way over the top know what i mean art not smut yeh
Hey Tyson. I hear what you're saying. However, we don't want to turn this into another fake orgasm site. There are enough of them already including Mirta on a 'girl on girl' website.
the need to penetrate
yes, pump up the pink says laurie, but further more, penetrate the pink. all of your luscious young godesses peter, given license, if they wish, to drive onwards, towards climactic ecstasy, while we all watch, and gasp with wonderment. all your most lithe, give them toys, fingers, tongues, penile shaped foods if you must, but say i, let them fuck themselves into oblivion. let this come to pass for all of us voracious fans.
Pump up the Rhythm ~ Pump up the Pink
From the vigorously raunchy to the last two minutes of the sensuously sinuous, her luscious dark flesh shamelessly swank. Pert nipples rudely swollen, seductively taut. Audacious Dominika ~ The Perfect Erotic Icon!
ramp it up
fabulous girls, even better filming. but, after viewing all films by u peter, can i express my deep desire, to see you up the erotica at this stage. all we seem to see are girls sensuously carressing their luscious bodies, but so often, we are left hanging at the crucial moment. mirta fabulously crossed that line with cucumber penetration, but only for a second. sylvie also, dominica to a degree. please, please please peter, give us more of the girls in climax, penetrating over and over again their sublime pulsing pussies. we need this now. olena, mirta, marlene, dominika, set them free, free to fuck and suck and come, over and over again! please peter, give us all what we crave so very much.
So this is the obvious statement of the day but Dominika is really, really pretty. Playful eyes, mischievous smile and strands of hair that have a life of their own. She moves perfectly, no hesitation, no stiltedness. Pure joy.
Just yummy! How on earth, Petter, do you manage to shoot a film like that and stay under control. My mouth would be watering beyond all reason...
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Der ultimative Reiz

Diese Woche werden Träume wahr! Sie haben die Ehre, einen ganz privaten Schoßtanz von Dominika C erleben zu dürfen!

Mit seinen extrem realistischen und intimen Nahaufnahmen von Dominkas Wahnsinnskörper bietet dieser Film Ihnen das Nächstbeste zum echten Schoßtanz. Näher geht es nicht mehr!

Verspielt und sexy tanzt Dominika allein für Sie in ihrer seidenen Wäsche. Sie reizt und flirtet, bis es für Sie kein Halten mehr geben wird!

Wir übergeben Sie an Dominika. Machen Sie sich darauf gefasst, von ihr rücksichtslos verführt zu werden!

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