Dominika C Bañera | Jun 01, 2010

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Duración: 11:43 Minutos

Comentarios de los Miembros

Beautiful but so rude ;) I love the way the water moves the lips of her vulva.
she is perfect
ih !
merci madame ! :)
Amazing pussy lips...that is all I can say.
bath time with Dominika
I really like the way the way the movement of the water makes those delicious lips move,and the way the pressure of the water from the tap opens them up as well,when directed onto the pussy Lovely stuff.
My hydrotherapy was nothing like that!. It must have been very stimulating.
Geniale Schamlippen
Ich bin schon einige Jahre auf dieser Welt, habe unzählige schöne Frauen gesehen. Aber dieses Mädchen ist in ihrer Fröhlichkeit und mit Ihrer natürlichen Schönheit nicht mehr zu überbieten. Ihre übergroßen Schamlippen sind etwas sehr sehr erotisches. Ich habe noch nie so etwas gesehen !! Ich wünsche dieser Frau ein glückliches Leben.
wirklich ein gelungener film!!!
Dominika C
Such a perfect body. What beautiful lips.
Such wide open very prominent labias and thick hood! Wish she had a vertical hood barbell.
querica te ves tus labiosmuy carnosos con anas de morderlossuavemente
most beautiful pussy lips in the world
Dominika C what a beautiful woman, simply wonderful.
Comments to Dominika C hot tube
There is no anything to do. Dominika is much erotic in this film. The images of the throw of water that it strikes the pussy are marvelous, as its pussy is marvelous. (Time spent by the beginning 1,38 minuterens) You the water's transparency on the pussy, winds the pussy of a mysterious erotic charm. Almost hidden from water, is desirable even more. Very beautiful the images of when Dominika dips and makes to emerge his pussy from the water.Rhythmically. Up and down. They are images that, united to those of the first part of the film (the water that goes down on the open pussy from the pipe) they make of this film an aphrodisiac of the erotic desire. Skilfull Dominika: Priceless.
Awesome pussy lips!!
She's got the most amazing, most beautiful cunt I've ever seen. Incredible
Oh my god. They go with the flow, they go with the flow!! Great film.
This tub has bathed some of the hottest women on earth so my wacky suggestion is to use it to plug up a certain spill. If it can contain the heat of Dom and the other HA women, go for it! Dominika's smile is so genuine, her playful attitude absolutely fetching. Is she even trying? She gets first place while lesser non-HA models are over thinking arching their backs and pouting their lips. Not Dom, it's just all there straight out of the box. This film is perfect!
40 seconds butt shake
the shaking of butt from 9.08 mins to 9.48 mins is a award winner class act by dominika in this shot.. lets shake n cheers!!thank q --- life with domin are so sweet n warm!!!
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Diversión Caliente y Húmeda

¡Es hora de relajarse con la chica mala Dominika C!

¿Porqué no te acercas a la bañera y compartes un baño incandescente con esta hermosa chica? No es de las que se intimidan, a Dominika le encanta la sensación del agua acariciando y estimulando esos ya famosos labios vaginales.

¡Y prepárate para quedarte sin aliento cuando se dé la vuelta y te permita disfrutar la vista desde atrás!

La hora del baño nunca había sido tan mpresionantemente sexy

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