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Yoko en la Cama | Jun 15, 2010

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Duración: 10:54 Minutos

Comentarios de los Miembros

It's great to see a girl like Yoko who so enjoys touching and playing with herself and sharing with us. One sexy person. Cute pussy too.
More Asian woman please . Yoko was charming
Please more Asian .
Sleek, slender Yoko, a nymphet of ineffable signs. The feline silhouette of a cheekbone, slender soft downy limbs. And teasingly conscious of her exquisite sensuousness, the magic spell that thrills the eye and draws a gasp of pure delight. The ache remains, haunted by her ambrosial essence. I am smitten to the core!
Yoko is sooo beautiful...I can't even begin describing her! She is something else, she is a Goddess.
Classy and Erotic
I've only been a member of this site for a short time yet Yoko has quickly become one of the stand-out models. I love her long hair, cute face and fine body. She is a delight to see in both pictures and films. Her posing, touching and eye contact in this film are enticing and provocative, classy and erotic. I agree with the comments of Norm. It is nice to be naked and 'join in the action' while watching this film. I look forward to seeing more of Yoko in the future. For now I will click 'replay'.
Yoko - so perfect!
I am in full agreement with the earlier comments here: Yoko is simply wonderful! She has a perfect body, lovely face and heart-melting smile. The quiet bedroom setting induces the fantasy of private time together, and her black stockings are a major turn-on for this viewer. I would enjoy hearing her voice too, but most of all, please keep the pictures coming. Thank you Yoko and Petter!
Love Yoko!
Wow. I love Yoko, and I LOVE this film. Sweet, gorgeous, playful, and sexy! I glad to see that Hegre is beginning to address other flavors. But this one will always be one of my favorites!
Yummy Yoko
She is divine, beautiful and orgasmic...more, more, more Yoko please..
All I can say is WOW! Beautiful face, smokin' hot body, sensuous long black hair, perfect ass and black stockings. She exudes sexuality in a way that doesn't feel faked. What's not to lust after? But what seals the deal for me is her infectious smile. OMG! I sure hope to see lots more of Yoko.
Sexy Yoko
The best way to watch this video is lying naked in bed in the early morning with the lap-top on the bedside table and 'joining in the action.' That is good because you can share being with this lovely girl as she plays with herself. I really enjoyed the way you flirted with me all the time too Yoko.
Yoko is a natural!!!
She does everything perfectly, and enjoys it. She's a winner and I want see more of her. That's fair isn't it, she enjoys showing off and I (we) enjoy watching her? More! More! More!
She looks really sexy and gorgeous, even more than she does in shots. I'd like to hear more of them all in the films. Just a short laugh, a moan, or simply a 'Hello'.
what "emacs" said!!!lol
God that was pure hottness. Thanks again Petter for bringing her to the site.
Beautiful! More Asian women please! :)
Yoko is a doll baby. She has a sultry look that is very erotic.I want to watch her bring herself to orgasmic bliss.Absolutly sexy.What I would like to do with her I will keep to my self.
Oh my god, she is so cute.
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Ninfa Traviesa

La hermosa Yoko es una modelo vietnamita que debuta esta semana en una película de Hegre-Art... ¡y vaya manera de hacerlo!

Sí, tendrás la oportunidad de despertarte en la cama con Yoko, quien parece tener algo sexy en mente. Admira la vista mientras Yoko se acaricia esos pequeños y firmes pechos y juega con los labios vaginales más exquisitos que hayas visto. ¡Todo esto sólo para ti!

Yoko es una coqueta natural y te dejará de piedra al mirarte a los ojos y sonreír como sólo ella lo sabe hacer…

¡Esta pequeña ninfa juguetona es alguien a quien no olvidarás!

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