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Dominika C Sous la Tortue | Jul 20, 2010

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Durée : 5:02 Minutes

Commentaires des Membres

RE: Turstles
Hegre should would some kind of internet version of the Emmy. And I respect Dominika way more than some phony starlet like Anne Hathaway.
After seeing Dominika from that perspective please Peter be a magican and turn me into a Turtle so she can use me as an applicator.
Dominika is so stunningly beautiful ... watching those delicious lips had me achingly hard and glistening with pre-cum ... amazing stuff again thank you
What song is it in the video?
What song is in the second part of this video? Does anybody knows? PS: Great and beautiful video. I LIKE IT!
RE: DominikaC
Amazing huge huge thick labias....MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM
Masturbation is an Art for Woman and Men. Dominika demonstrates this with that beautiful shaved Pussy. I am 75 and I Masturbate each day, watching Dominika I did not have to touch myself so erotic so exiting is this Movie
Dominika has super gorgeous pussy, can`t get enough of her. Want more pussy pictures and films of her.
Love her
I can say much other than that was Dam Hot !
Turtle Perspective
Wow - This is one great film. I have only recently joined as a member and watching this film was just wonderful. Dominika is truly blessed. Artistic, excellent quality and so scenic.
very well done. excellent camera work. great girl. nice lips.
Quelle beauté avec les lèvres de son sexe et la rose de son anus qui sont une invitation à tous les plaisirs...
the most erotic thing I have seen
Dominika pussy massage xx
Wow she is hot. The close up shots of Dominika massaging and nearly showing pink is great. Very tastefully done. And seeing her lips move as she caressed them. Mmmm very tasty. More of the same please. Highly recommended. xx Alastair, Glasgow Scotland UK
Dominika C turtle perspective
dear petter, after having seen Evi NIVEA, Evi CREAM and Patricia Depilation, thought You you had reached the limit over which it is not more possible to go. And instead with this "Domenika C Turtle perspective you have reached even more a tall apex of Your way to work. Splendid shots, splendid pussy, especially toward the end of the tape where the pussy is widened and massaged by the wise hands of Domenika. Here a soft pussy is seen, delicate, silky, soft pulpy and carnal and also the anus is taken back sensitive and attractive nem. really another film masterpiece. Your imagination doesn't evidently have limits. And compliments to the model Domenika, really a splendid woman
Dominika C
This is five minutes of nearly perfect heaven. Why did you not get her to depilate completely, it would have been super smooth with a crinkle finish! Again it would have been delicious if her clitoris had been on view. Do you think she would like to display her clitoris in a future film? Nigehug.
domenika c
she is the very most beautifully girl and she have perfekt lips and a very nice face
Truly breathtaking
Petter this is an incredibly delicious treat. My only request is that you use natural sound in your videos, rather than music. In this particular film it would be lovely to hear the moist sounds of Dominika manipulating her vulva
This video tends to put an inordinate focus on Dominika's vagina, while de-emphasizing the beauty of her body. For that reason, I do not regard it as good at all. I hope in future that similiar videos will highlight more the body in toto.
I died at 04:31. The view is amazing from down here. Once again it\'s super Tuesday and all is well. Dominika is celestial, I already knew that, but now I\'m literally looking up at her. (By the way, OMG! Next week\'s film, it\'s happening!)
I must say, you are getting very creative with thses videos! VERY SEXY!!! (lucky turtles!lol)
My God that woman is sexy and what a great perspective for film from the view is insane! If Only I had been underneath her for real!
Turtle Perspective
That was incredible I felt like I was really with her. I can dream I guess ;-)
Perfect View Indeed
That was HOT!!
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Vue idéale

Dominika C la sexy fait son retour dans un film super chaud qui va vous faire battre la chamade !

Dans ce film, Dominika lave les grosses lèvres de son célèbre con, mais la vue est cette fois encore plus spectaculaire ! La caméra s'est immiscée sous Dominika et entre ses jambes musclés, il vous sera donc possible de voir des gros plans sur ses jolies lèvres qu'elle caresse avec engouement.

C'est comme si vous étiez à ses côtés – allongé aux côtés de cette délicieuse mannequin.

C'est presque TROP chaud et à ne pas manquer bien sûr !

Mannequins dans ce film:


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