Silvie Bye Bye Bush

July 27, 2010
Close Shave!

It’s the moment some of you have been waiting for! Silvie has finally decided to shave off her bush…

Some of you will be sad to see the bush go but love or hate the ‘natural’ look we are sure everyone will agree that this is one hot film!

Silvie visits the beautician to have her bush removed. Her pussy lips are creamed up and bit by bit the bush disappears. And the beautician is very thorough, having Silvie turn around onto all fours to shave her lovely ass until she is silky smooth all over!

This is a rare opportunity to watch a sexy and intimate feminine ritual.

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Members' Comments

wrong person for the job
I was glad to see the bush go, but felt the beautician was the wrong person for the job. Imo she took too long and used too many strokes which can cause the pubes to grow back quicker and make them harder. I feel hair removal cream would have been a better option and wouldn't have taken so long and she wouldn't have been left with the shaven look (darker skin on the shaved area). On a good note Silvie did look much better afterwards.
bushy bush
Silvie Bush with a bush is better than without!!
shaving sylvie
Absolutly erotic ! Sylvie is going to be my favorite model. Love her with bush and without it. She has a fine and decent body. Eyes that can`t be forgotten! Let us participate that way on this kind of intimate revealing, makes her even more adorable. The lady who takes the shaving part, too, does an excellent job. Wonderful video with two outstanding women.
Silvie's shave
Utter vandalism, you barbarians, hang your artistic heads in shame! And no, I don't find shaving pubic hair in any way 'hot'. Infantilising a sexually mature adult seems rather perverse, and not a little disturbing, in fact. Yuck!
please more
Please show us more content like that! It is great to see the pussy becoming more and more bald and sooth! Very intimate and very beautiful!!!
RE: Silvie's bush
How would you have felt if another woman removed most of your pubic hair & while doing so, licked your inner thighs one at a time. When removal finished & cleaned up, your mons, clit & labias were nibbled on until you were brought to orgasmic state?
ho! là là !!!!
merci madame ! :)
RE: Silvie's bush
Agreed...I love the mystery of the bush and all that is wonderful that lies beneath. Although shaving a woman is quite an erotic experience..
RE: Oh dear
I totally agree! Love a clean bush!! And a little peeking from under the panties is hot!!
Loved this video
Very erotic.
hairless vagina
to watch a lady get her vagina shave is so sexy
Oh dear
As a worshipper of the natural female sex (means with hair and all, and hygeinic of course), I don't find this interesting, but more like a giving-in to a modern trend. A bald sex is not arousing, and I'm glad she let it grow back
Molto, molto meglo la fica depilata, si lecca che è una meraviglia......avanti cosi !!!
Losing the pubes.
Very nicely done. Sylvie is so beautiful and looks great with or without pubic hair. And it doesn't matter anyway, because she can grow it back when she wants.
model Tofana
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Depilated Pubes
I am a keen fan of depilated female pubes for three main reasons. First, on an aesthetic level,I consider that area to be the most beautifully designed part of the human body, so I like to see it exposed to my appreciative view. Second, for health reasons, it is more hygienic, since it is easier to keep the area clean and eliminate stale odours. Third, on a practical level, it avoids the distracting problem -- during oral sex -- of getting loose hairs in the mouth. The least painful way to keep the pubes hairless -- after the first shave or waxing -- is to use depilatory cream, taking great care to avoid the inner vulval lips and anal rim. (If the cream gets on to these hypersensitive areas, it raises painful blisters!). Male pubic depilation is less important, because the penis tends to stand away from the hair. But the areas immediately around the shaft could be depilated to reduce odours. (The scrotum and anal rim should not be treated with either wax or cream, unless the man is a masochist!. Very careful shaving is probably the best solution for these tricky areas).
Realistic and well executed shaving
The shave was done in a realistic way, including backside, spreading hair to the legs. Done with care and carefulness. Pleasure to watch and to see the difference before and after and especially the highlight when finally the wings were spread and the curiosity of the audience was satisfied. Extremely natural and nice. Erotic, but not overbearing. Secual but sensitive. Great camera man and great team on the set.
Great film, especially...
...the moment when, after the vaginal shave, the beautician exposes Silvia by pulling apart her pussy lips for the camera. You can see how moist and aroused she his...HOT!
Good Move
Sorry, but I'm not a fan of the go-low-afro. I think Silvie looks way hotter, totally shaved. Awesome!
Silvie's bush
Fascinating to watch the transition from bush to none. I far prefer the bush with the little mystery it carries with it. As well as the tingling of hair on my cheeks. I had mine done but with the cursed wax. What a torturous time, painful beyond belief. Never again! I found it quite sexual. I would have rubbed a little oil on the shaved area for about .....an hour.
Excellent thought!
What a shame to lose the best bush on the site
*Alas*, it will grow back. I love seeing women that look like women.
silvie shaved bush
Ever time i watch silvie get her bush shaved it sure turns me on and oh boy do i mean turn me on that i become very horny that i go right away and shave my gential area so that i lok like silvie. when shege. Don't butt shaved and claned with some nice perfume. This is the nly way i get my jolly For you see cannot even shame my Wife to shave her bush because she says it itches when it grows back, i tell her if she keep it shaved al the time it would not brother her because she would eel cleaner and more beautiful around her pussy. Does any other male have the same problem that i have with there wifes that i have and if yiou do, what do you do about it other then looking at silvie being shaved. Don't tell m to eat at the Y because she does nt like that either. I'm 65 and don't seem to be able to get it Rock hard anymore.
clean shave
Who ever said poor Silvie is not using there head unless it is another woman like my wife who does not like to shave there pussies or even there butt crack. I think all woman should shave for there man weather its there husband or boyfriend or the oe they plan to marry,They should have everything shaved before the wedding so the man will know what to expect in the bedroom on his honeymoon, if she des not want to do this for her man on the honeymoon she will neer want to try it to se if she likes to shave for her man in the furture of there time togeather. Hur-Ray for all the woman who do shave for there man sure wish i could get my wife to shave for me hur-Ray again for all the clean shved pusssys and buttts. Keep up the good work for all of us? I enjoyed the film greatley, let see more please?
WHY ??
Poor Silvie!
Reminds me of the butcher job I got from a nurses aide that was charged with shaving my pubes for an upcoming surgery. She realy needed to cut off more hair before attemping to shave her, especially for someone who's never been shaved before.
For me to Do.
Hey, I thought this would be my job. I love shaving a girl, washing her and going down for the count. :)
I am a fan of the shaved look but it makes me nervous seeing a razor blade being used "down there". I would be so afraid of getting cut.
Sylvie's shave.
My God! If ever there was a documentary to show HOW NOT TO DO A PUBIC SHAVE, this was it! Poor Sylvie! She must have had the sorest vulva and perineum in years after that multiple planing with a disposable razor; her skin was shaved over and over again, with no consideration given to hair growth direction. And from the obvious amount of razor drag , the hair had not been softened sufficiently to do a decent shave. cutting the hair, not dragging it out of the follicles. Fine cinemaphotography, but pubic butchery, done I gather, by one used to waxing the pubes, not shaving them. The operator should be made to endure similar treatment, but done with a power sander disc on a high speed angle grinder.
So what I've never seen ... it gives real or is this just a special service .... from Hegre-Art... very hot But the next time you come to me ... I can certainly so good and so emotional... ;-)
Fortunately, that fabulous bush will grow back soon.
I love this video. Cheer for you, Silvie : it is far from evident to accept such a step in front of somebody and a camera. It think it required to trust the beautician fully. Total respect, Silvie !
Great pussy
silvie i live the pussy
Noooooooo ... you've taken away the thing that makes you unique !!! Please don't be just like all the other girls?? lets see it grow back please ?? Philip x
Silvie shaved
Silivie you did decided weill to have your natural bush removed. This seems to be tthe trend for the moment. I just came back with my girlfriend from our naturist hollydays at the nude resort of Cap d'Agde in France. At the beach most women had very little pubic hair and a lot, 60-80 % were fully shaved or waxed.
RE: Silvie
Its a shame. I really loved her for that wonderful bush.
That pussy is now ready for me to eat, all night.
I'm so glad to see her without the bush. It always detracted from an otherwise incredibly sexy woman for me. And I didn't realize until she shaved just how delicious her pussy looks. I would have loved to have been whomever it was she went home to after that. She wouldn't have been able to walk for a week and she would have loved every second of it. Bravissimo!
RE: Love Zee BUSH
noch nicht gesehen
Silvie, be sure to let your furry bush grow back. It is my fervent hope that Hegre-Art will present us, before the end of this year, AT LEAST 2 LOVELY MODELS (Blonde, Brunette, Redhead, or Exotic) who sports a rich, lush and lovely thatch of hair between their legs. Allow these women to be celebrated and honored. Vive la diversité!
Love zee BUSH
something about a hairy bush that makes me wish I could breath thru my ears
There's something higly erotic in shaving / being shaved by someone... next time, both girls should celebrate in the end... :)
No more bush
Totally love this. I never thought she would do it. Looks so hot without that hair concealing that sweet pussy. Great to see her again, looking so beautiful, as always.
Shaving or Waxing
I am a little surprised that Sylvie was shaved I thought it was more usual to get a smooth pussy to use wax. Shaving needs to be reniewed very often!!
no bush thank you
Back in the day, many years ago, the old saying was "Once you turn 'em over they all look the same", and that was true because everybody looked like a shag carpet down there. I am overjoyed to say that now when you turn 'em over they are, each and every one, delightfully different and uniquely beautiful. Thank you Mr. H and thank you girls for making the effort.
Great video
I recently subscribed to this website because of all the Voyeuristic videos you have now. I absolutely love them. I remember the brazilian wax video you did a few years ago...and I was hoping there would be more. This shaving scene is awesome. Hopefully you will have a section for it just like the massage videos. Keep up the good work.
RE: more bush!!!
I agree!
Bye Bye Bush
Bald is beautiful!!!
+1 Aaaaaargh, Sian's beautiful bush...
"anti pubic hair bias"???
if that were true, he wouldn't have hired silvie in the first place!
more bush!!!
i totally agree with you komet! more bush please!!!! anyone else for this?
Meu Deus!!! It is again very clear that Hegre Art has a very strong anti pubic hair bias. For once, it would be refreshing if more models with pubic hair (e.g. Sian) would be given a special focus here. Here's a thought: present us supporters of the site with a blonde model with a thick thatch of pubic hair AND a natural redhead with pubic hair. That would be wonderful.
I always liked to see SOMETHING there. But, I'll survive without it! And, I don't know what it is, but, I've always LOVED watching that being done! It's kinda funnny how she seemed to almost run out of shaving cream towards the end!lol
Bye Bye Bush
At last we get to see Silvie in all her beautiful glory. Hot stuff!
Some of us liked the bush :)
Another brilliant film they just keep getting better and better at the moment. Unlike anything else you see on the web I really appreciate being able to see something different. And Silvie is as hot as usual of course!