Erica F Dodge Charger 1969

September 28, 2010
Fancy A Ride?

Erica F is all set to take you for the ride of your life this week! Can you take the pace?

Join hot blonde Erica F for some sexy fun in the front seat of the car! Erica certainly knows how to get you all hot under the collar with her sexy moves and teasing ways. So why not step into the car with Erica?

Prepare to be totally seduced by gorgeous Erica…

  • Runtime: 7:40 Minutes
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Members' Comments

What a beautiful pussy!!
More, more, more..
More, more, more..I'd love to see more of Her..=)
Erica is a beautiful model and this film is sexually explosive - very erotic. I do have to say however, I pefer girls without tattoos and piercings. As you've relaxed your requirements for being a model on the site more has appeared - OK for those that like it, just stating my preference.
Erica F.
A great film. What could be better than a beautiful naked woman and a cool car? Great footage of her terrific ass and wonderful soles of her feet. I love seeing that! Very sensuous and seduction watching her move that beautiful body in ways to appreciate every lovely detail of her body.
Beautiful but
Erica is beautiful. Beautiful fave, beautiful body, great tits, great pussy, but....the stomach tat is a desecration.
Oh man, extremely sexy !!
well, I must say...
that was pretty damn smokin hot!!! (but, shouldn't she be in the back seat?lol)
Fantastik !!! what a gorgeous girl !
Good grief you are killing me with these films.
Erica Film
Very nice what a little tease Erica is…
Nice film and a very sexy young girl.
Yep I’d sure love to take a ride with Erica
Erica F
Man she is hot!!