Ira Tanzt | Oct 12, 2010

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RE: Ira Dancing
yea the vid person shot be shot having her not slow down and jumping frames
Wow, pussy galore! She is a great dancer, and what an ass to boot!
Ira Dancing
At last I have found a way to slow down Ira`s dancing I can now see it all and really enjoy the film.Its great
Ira Dancing
If.After downloading Ira dancing is there any way I can slow down her movements so I can enjoy her body more.In other words get my eyes to focus better.
girls dancing
No doubt girls like dancing; probably because they can arrantly showcase their hips, bum, boobs, legs, arms, fingers and do all the hair flicking they could want. Loved watching Ira dance for me. A girl's sensuality comes out in the way she dances. Please more dancing girls. Love to see Valerie partner dancing naked with Mike and being dipped by him.
All I can think about is how perfect her firm body is, she is the best model on the site and I can watch this video every day and it never gets old.
Great Video! Really sexy! Just one suggestion, if there are some other Hegre's models that dance that well, please!:make them dance!
i agree with robert completely. this is a very erotic vid, but i think it would be even better with more upward looking shots from beneath, and more time given to that angle in both vids and images.
very nice body, love the shots from below but they are too quick to examine her inner labia, which look like they peek out enough for a better look
petite perfection,delicious.
Ira dancing
very beautiful the shots from under that they take back in full the pussy and the anus of Ira. The beauty of the film is here all. The apogee of the film is that's all. well prepared since the beginning, the dance of Ira is a true project introducrory to the embrace. Excellent also the idea to make to drink some champagne to Ira in closing of the film./She would have been well however to also frame the pussy that is bathed by the shampagne and drop of it. Very erotic and exciting.
kinda a waste of champagne!lol but, DAMN!!! the girl got the moves!!!
She's a girl I'd love to drink even without the champagne.
I love that happy smile of her most of all at end. Let me see more of her.
This is what to do with fine wine. Give it to fine girls the way Ira gives it.
shake it baby!!
What a mover. She can really shake it.
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Dancing Queen

Es heißt, dass Tanzen ein Ausdruck von Leidenschaft ist. Jetzt liefert Ira den Beweis dazu.

Damit beginnend, dass sie uns das reine Vergnügen zeigt, welches damit einhergeht, eine jugendliche Schönheit zu sein, erweckt der Zauber des Tanzes die wahre Frau in ihr.

Während der Rythmus durch ihren Körper pulsiert überwältigt sie die Leidenschaft. Die schwarzen Stiefel wurden zum Tanzen geschaffen und sie werden bis zum Ende anbehalten - nicht aber das Höschen.

Und was hat sie da bloß mit der Champagnerflasche vor?

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