Leila Ice Cream | Oct 09, 2003

Leila Ice Cream
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Playing Time: 3:53 Minutes
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Leila Eats Ice Cream, I'll Eat Her Pussy
Leila has got to be my absolute favorite Hegre Girl. She has it all. A sweet innocence mixed with a undeniable sexiness I personally cannot resist. Can't wait to see Leila do a masturbation pictorial and film. Leila is one beautiful gem of a woman. More, more, more!
There is no hotter honey than this
Remember those girls in high school who were on pom pon and in prom and shit and you always wanted to fuck them so bad but they wouldn't have anything to do with you and all you could do was dream of what they looked like naked until you broke your wrist? Well, Leila is that girl, and then some. She is a fucking treat for the eyes, I tell you. cute as a kitten. This is a 5 spot movie. and the ice cream eating? likc it, leila!
Beautiful Leila!
Leila is so beautiful and what even more beautiful is watching this gorgeous woman eating ice cream! WOW!
I never wanted to be icecream so bad in my life!!!
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Playing with Food

She's back!

Beautiful Leila, the prim and proper English maiden, had a longing for some ice cream, so she got a bowl and a spoon and dug in. Problem was, the ice cream kept falling onto her bare tits, so she decided to eat it in the shower. And once she was done, she decided to wash it off in the shower. Lucky for us, she also decided to let us watch it all! Lovely Leila!

Queen of curds and creams!

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