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Silvie, das perfekte Dienstmäd... | Aug 31, 2010

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The perfect maid.
Silvie is very beautiful. Very nicely done, especially the split screen when she goes commando, taking off both outfits.
you're the perfect wife!
Wow you finally found the one thing better than Silvie. Two Silvies. Love her. Dont change(shave) a thing.
Not enough natural with hair! What's up with that?
Perfect ...!!!
Sylvie de Luxe ... the perfect woman! Marry me Silvie .... ;-)
Love that pretty bush! A nose full of that would be fine fine fine.
I find Silvie most sensual. She has a good sense of arousal. Most european women are better at this than their US. counter parts; at least in my opinion.
bush vs. no bush
I prefer bush, i.e. natural. That shouldn't stop anyone who prefers shaved. I know it is 'in fashion' right now, and bona fortuna to anyone who enjoys that. However, it's a damn shame that this site seems to be PUSHING models towards shaving. +95% are shaved. Can't we even RETAIN the %5 or so ladies who themselves prefer their bush?!? Why does the 'shaved' fetish have to TAKE AWAY what little is left? It does seem to show a bias even at the management level. Silvie and Sian both being shaved. I am new to the site, I am raised a nudist, but living in the US now I have a difficult time finding healthy options. I will probably not maintain my subscription BECAUSE there are too many shaved models, i.e. not enough natural. P.S. For me, shaved is OK at BEST . . . can anyone say . . . stubble? Or . . . paedophilia? I'm not into fantasizing about girls who aren't nubile.
RE: nice video
Sexiest women are made for being fully shaved:they can feel fully the best pleasures
RE: nice video
why do they all have tramp stamps?
nice video
Beautiful video! I noticed in the side notes that it says this was "filmed before Silvie shaved off her bush". How sad. There really is no reason to stay on your site. You know, there is a beautiful artistic aesthetic to Petter Hegre's photography, but I'm very disappointed in his obvious obsession with completely shaved models! Most of his site promotes this weird fad. I would say 99% of this site shows shaved plucked models ..... disgusting! Many are just ugly. My male friends and I prefer real women with real hair! Just don't like the plastic doll look! Now he has has Silvie shaved! Why can't Petter Hegre get off this shaved kick, and promote natural women at least 50%.
RE: Brilliant film!
Natural is so much it
silvie i love the beautiful pussy That pussy is now ready for me to eat
Sylvie is adorable. I love her smug little smile. She's so proud of herself, and she should be. Bush or shaved? I'd love to see either one. But, am I the only one entranced with her nipples? I love seeing them so erect and stiff!
Geez those pubes grew back quick ..she only shaved them off last week!!
Silvie: The Perfect Maid
Silvie is so excellent! A great film watching her remove the maid outfits. My favorite outfit is her birthday suit! Always will be. Nothing beats Silvie being nude! Love the split screen portion of the film watching her remove each of the outfits to become completely nude. Silvie you are so beautiful and truly one of a kind!
Didn't she kill the bush not too long ago? Hot's not the word,No.. Silvie Is "sultry". She remind's me of the femme fatal in "Who Shot Roger Rabbit.
Beautifully maid!
Lovely film. I feel frustrated because I wanted to see more! But enjoy the striptease element - agree with Wheeler about this. I like a bush too, but just love the girls either way. It's nice to have a bit of hair and it focusses the eyes to the right spot! By the way, Silvie, I need a bit of help around the house. Are you free just now????...
How funny that Silvie always brings out such controversy, bush versus no bush. I prefer no bush, but the bush-guys have got to have some fun too. Silvie is beautiful either way.
RE: Maid Film
agreed...would love to see more of the slow striptrease type videos! keep em comin!
Glorious Bush
I Love the bush long live the bush Beautiful woman
Hot Maid
Silvie is hot but personally I think she looks better minus the bush.
Maid Film
Cute. Can we see more striptease films and films with sexy costumes please?
Maid for lovin’
Very sexy.
Hot Hot Hot
So happy to see the bush lives on!
Brilliant film!
She just kills me with the way she looks into the camera. That is one sexy woman
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