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Dominika C huile et bois | Sep 14, 2010

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Durée : 8:39 Minutes

Commentaires des Membres

The best pussy lips
Dominica have the best pussy lips of the word! When we see this performer in a 69 position whit a good boy?
dominika,s lips
oh my god what lovely lips and for the camera to view them from below,phew what a view of that beautiful pussy.Iwould love to have that astride my mouth
Bellisima Dominika Clush
I just love her dancing around the camera. I love the close-ups of her quivering labia . I could almost reach out and taste her. Her smile is genuine and breath taking. I love you Dominika!
Dominika C
While this gives ISM a whole new meaning, and while her glorious labia are the talk of the town, I long for her anus. I mean, after all, can you imagine sliding in and out of that while watching those lips quiver? OMFG.
labia just amazing
This girl's labias are very similar to my girlfriend which I never thought was possible.Last night when I entered her she was totally erect and her prepuce was just throbbing...
I have been a fan of Dominika for some time and as I have read from others, it seems okay to express outright that find her enlarge lips very succulent. I will have acquire all of her films.
I can't find one thing wrong with this girl. The perfect woman to have fun with! For hours!
her pussy lips are yummy
she's kind of perfect - my favorite model on the site - incredible lips (both) ... the only thing i could criticize would be those little red bumps she gets on her ass - hhmmm, wonder what causes those
one of the best
how to say, you are just a wizzard, the eye that catches the women like men love. this is maybe you best film, if any.
RE: what I miss...
I agree too - there's nothing much more erotic than a beautiful uninhibited girl enjoying a pee. Please, Peter...
L'une des plus belles chattes que la nature nous ait donné. Impossible de ne pas bander à la vue de cette vulve et de ces lèvres offertes et magnifiques...
Dominika....what is there to say, I'm speechless! Please don't stop making this kind of vid!!
She could patent those lips!
RE: Dominika
Thickman you dont you know I've got Dibb's on that.
I would bury my face in her pussy, then fuck her hard.
RE: what I miss...
There you go. All the models on this site should have at least one peeing scene.
Brilliant Concept
Brilliant concept. Giving the model her own little camera to play around with and pose for. You can tell that she loves showing off for that lens. Really interesting stuff.
RE: what I miss...
LOL well, you have just about everything else on, why not?
Dominika does it again! She should be a Czech national treasure.
Dominika C
What a great point of view film of awesome Dominika. She just has the best set of pussy lips! Like beautiful flower petals! You get to see her beautiful flower from such a wonderful perspective. This film also gives you a wonderful appreciation of Dominika's tan, sculpted and silky smooth body from unique angles. Also love the views of that great butt! Just another seductive, sexy and erotic film from the amazing Dominika! Great stuff!
what I miss...
Wonderfull, realy! Thank You! But what I realy miss very much is to see Your girls peeing... Please Peter, let us have some of Your wonderfull close ups with peeing girls!
Very clever, Petter! I must say that when I saw the title, I kinda expected her to be cleaning the floor!lol(btw...I want that cam!lol)
Oil and Wood Film
Nice idea to have the camera under her – what a great view that gives!!!
Little Tease
I love Dominika, it’s not just the awesome pussy but her smile, her toned bod and her perfect little feet.
Slippery and Wet
That was incredible once again, got to congratulate you Hegre the films have been really good so far this year.
Dominika C
You got to love Dominka C I could gaze at her meaty pussy all day and not get bored.
Those oiled up pussy lips are awesome. Let’s have a Dominika C week.
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Taquinerie et Glissade

La ravissante Dominka C fait son retour dans le film hebdo, tenez-vous donc prêt car elle va encore vous en faire voir de toutes les couleurs !

Une camera placée entre ses jambes, une autre filmant la scène depuis les côtés, vous verrez Dominika qui se passe de l'huile sur l'ensemble de son corps. Partagez le plaisir de Dominika en regardant ses mains glisser sur son corps ferme avec ses doigts coquins qui n'en font qu'à leur tête.

Sexy et glissant, Dominika adore taquiner…

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