Konata Choking Orgasm

June 14, 2011

When Konata says “Hold me tight” it has a very special meaning for her.

For Konata life is all about being on the edge. In this startling film she shows how far she is willing to go in her search for ecstasy. As her passion takes a grip of her, her fantasy starts to take shape. She turns and twists her body in rapture. Her gasps of delight come fast. Then there is her complete stillness after the storm of desire is complete.

All the way to her final smile of complete fulfilment.

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Members' Comments

Oh boy! A fine, fine film, with proper pubic hair, no obvious camera-awareness, a near-perfect figure, and am I the only one wanting to lick her middle and ring fingers of her right hand? I thought not! But please, get the poor girl to a good dentist! Ten out of ten!
my god i love bush its so natural and such a turn on....please have more girls with bush on here:)
Pubic hair
There's nothing wrong with pubic hair. It's natural; what I don't get are these women who want to be clean shaven down there
RE: pubic hair
Oriental is for rugs and food. People are asians. To see a beautiful shaved asian look at this site's Yoko from Vietnam.
RE: RE: pubic hair
The reason to shave is to enjoy the Mons Venus. All Greek Statues show no hair on females and usually pubic hair on Males. This shows the romans enjoyed the unobstructed view of the Mons To say "Get over it" is one sided. To Each his own. You like the hair, others don't. Some Asians do shave. look online.
Wowee!!! Thank you God for beautiful girls!!! Thank you Thank you Thank you....Grateful for the beauty.
RE: pubic hair
I do not quite understand you people's obsession with shaved pussy. There is nothing more sexual than hairy pussy.Get with it for Pete's sake.
RE: pubic hair
she does shave, just not bear
pubic hair
why is it oriental women do not shave . is it a culture thing.she is a pretty women but would be more sexual in my eyes if she was completly shaved . i know that is not the opion of every man, and i respect your opion.
Sublime Ecstasy
The breathtaking beauty of her engorged pudendum was magic. Utterly wicked...
Cette fille est magnifique et l'orgasme a bien l'air d'être reél !
Perfect! I love her!!
The only gesture that would improve this is if the model would have tastedher own juices from her fingers after she looked at them. I did like the way she took in the scent of her left underarm at the finish though, hot!
I enjoyed seeing the abdominal contractions of her orgasm and how she was not in a rush to remove her fingers after she came. Thanks for the after effects close up once she did take her fingers out to see the inner contractions too. Nice work on this one!! Beautifully done!
RE: No no no no no
it's her life! She hs the option to do it, or not!
RE: No no no no no
It's dangerous when done by someone else or with a rope. Death my self choking with one hand cannot happen. Syncop at "best" !
No no no no no
Choking during sex is one of the most dangerous sexual practices there is. I, and many other people, have lost friends to this when it went wrong. The films/photos here are usually quite erotic, but this is just irresponsible. Shame on you!
The "P" Club
I heartily applaud all the Hegre girls who have and are taking the "plunge" and joining the Penetration Club! Recall members how it started with Mirta? We should all give Mirta thanks for being the groundbreaker, and thank all the other girls, like lovely young Konata who have proudly joined in! Nudity alone is wonderful in its own right, but how artificial it was to keep the girls for so long from pleasuring themselves. I feel it is us men who impose such restrictions, not the girls. Girls, if left to themselves, would happily partake. Thank you Hegre for allowing it to be so.
One of the best films ever. Besides having a beautiful face and perfect body, I love how uninhibited she is with her sexuality. I couldn`t stop watching this one. I especially loved the natural lighting, that`s the way it should be.
Simplicity is Eros. Fully nude girl, white soft sheets, pale soft skin, playing and penetrating her pussy...without complications or adornment.
Being on the edge is the only way to go-- otherwise your just in the middle. Liked the close up of the pussy trying to catch its breath at the end.
dominike c
Dominika C has the largest longest most prominent gorgeous lips I have ever seen. Just incredible!
RE: victor
lol you sure you're old enugh to be here???
Her pussy looks like Bert from Sesame Street at the end.
RE: My opinion as a Japanese
I disagree with your oppinion a little. Miri, Anri, Anna T, and many other asian models are all very kawaii in the cute/innocent/pure kind of way, it just depends on the kind of makeup the asian model wears in the shoot or video. Search through Peters Japanese models and look for the three I mentioned and go through some of their photo shoots. In some their makeup is over done giving them that geisha look you mentioned, but look through them and you'll see many that arn't. Please give us more Japanese models Peter with natural makeup that isn't over done. As a westerner I agree with Wasabi's oppinion that most Japanese girls are kawaii very much like Konata is.
RE: My opinion as a Japanese
Most of the models are not the kind of girls you would find "Next door" (always hated that term! "Girl-next-door" my fat ass!!! We should all be so lucky!!!). This is why they're MODELS! They are a fantasy for us guys who could never in a million milenia have such a girl!!! (crying!!!)
Extreme Danger
Is this irresponsible to show this without a real disclaimer and warning? Breath control is the one activity most BDSMers would unhesitatingly place in the otherwise controversial category of 'edge play'. And with good reason: a constant supply of fresh oxygen and the ability to dispose of carbon dioxide are both vital to the functioning of the body. Deprive the brain of oxygen for as little as twelve minutes and you have a human vegetable on your hands, not to mention the irreparable damage to brain and heart that will already have been done. So those who play with breath are literally only minutes away from playing with death.
KONATA is the best! I love her very much!!!! :o) Please more models without piercings but with little hair on there pussy! ;o) Anerkennende Grüße aus Deutschland!
My opinion as a Japanese
I'm a great Hegre art fan, especially of Luba , Anna and Nika. Though as a Japanese guy , I must say that most Japanese models mister Hegre chooses doesn't reflect the true cute "kawaii" japanese girls you can meet in every day life in Japan. They look too much "Geisha", too much " exotic, fake-japanese, TOO MUCH ASIATIC WITHOUT BEING JAPANESE ", maybe that's the way western guys see the japanese girls... The only exception is Mayuko ! She is really "kawaii", cute, NATURAL japanese ;) You may think I'm arrogant, but that's my honest opinion as a true japanese Hegre Art fan. Arigato !
Quietest orgasm I've ever heard!lol super hot, though! What is it wih these people and bondage/domination, anyway??? they all seem to love it!!!
Seems to me, ...
... like she is addicted to breath control, an advanced BDSM technique.
Ready from the get go
I think the start is fantastic. The way she curls up like that makes it look so much more intense for her.
I suppose you could call it a black and white movie but it’s come a long, long way since the original black and whites.
After the party
That’s quite a twist at the end. I mean how long we have just looking at her afterwards. It works really well.
Her choice
She had me spellbound watching all this. Looked to me like it was something she asked to do.
Coming up for air
Konata left me panting for breath too. I’m only just getting over it.