Lulu Bondage | Nov 09, 2010

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Members' Comments

love you
nice to see you
Yum yum yum. I loved every minute of it. The beauty of bondage in action and in black & white. More session with the master in black please!
Superb model for a classic theme of erotic photography.
Whose silhoutte is that on around 0:12? Luba? Beautiful face profile. Cannot be Lulu?
Excellent Job
When I first saw this film coming I wasn't too excited about it, but this really is one of your best efforts. Just a lot of fun to watch and very tastefully done. Kind-of bondage with care and a smile.
The most beautiful part of this film is Lulu has carried like a fragile item by the gentleman after she released from fetters rope and Lulu totally put her life in the gentleman`s hand with eternal trust. Excellent work.
I was on the edge of my seat wondering how this was all going to end. That was a real surprise.
You can tell the guy with the knots has done this before. A real expert.
I love the twist sorry about the pun in the way she gets all hung up sorry about that one too.
What an awesome build up. It's sensational the way the whole scene is put together bit by bit.
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Is there no escape?

This is the story of Lulu and her thrilling embrace of the knots and cords which bind her.

From the moment when she hurries into the chamber where the instruments await her we see Lulu made more and more helpless.

Shadowy figures criss-cross her excited breasts with painstakingly elaborate knots.

Then adding remorselessly to her predicament her legs are bound apart. She is held dangling in her dream of total submission.

There is nothing she can do except to be overwhelmed until she is brought to the surprise ending and the climax of her experience.

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