Konata and Lulu The Kiss

December 21, 2010
An Erotic Journey

There are no distractions, nothing to make your eye wander from these exotic and beautiful women as they discover each other.

This is an artist’s expression of two new lovers, experiencing their first kiss. Watch them close their eyes as their lips meet, their tongues explore, and their hands gently probe the other’s body. It is a sensual journey of discovery, for them and for us.

An inspiring and beautiful new film. One that continues to push the boundaries of erotic art as only Hegre-Art can do.

  • Runtime: 6:36 Minutes
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Members' Comments

The Kiss
I am lost for words, almost! What an erotic piece of work, well done! But only 6-7 minutes long?! Mind you, much more of that and paramedics might be needed for mere mortals like me! And, as has been said elsewhere, proper pubic hair rules!! Much more, please!
Pure Bliss
Imagine a glistening snowflake Gliding silently To settle on the tip of my tongue A sensuous tingle An ephemeral moment of pure bliss. Laurie The kissing was so breathtakingly sensuous. Brilliant
beautiful...but need climax
I have never seen something so teasing, so perfect, so sensual and arousing. Everything here was exceptional save for one element. Intimacy, both actors were forced to hold back when it came to touching, or kissing, or genitals. It really ruined this film. From what I have seen, female on female is fine for this site correct? So why the hesitation? It would have completed the sense of eroticism given. But the lack thereof ruined the film. Just consider it please in your upcoming films. Also, these two are extraordinary together, please make films of them in the near future
Great pubic hair ....
Oriental women have those most sensual pubic hair of all, in my opinion. Loved it. I know these movies are supposed to be sensual, and they are. But how could occasionally showing mouth/tongue contact with genitals take away from the beauty and sensuality of these films? I don`t think it would at all. Just my opinion.
I want some more
I paid for Konatas' films. ....
This would have been oh so much more sexy if they weren't so damn hairy!
It is so sensual and a joy to watch. Absolute what a wet dream should be.
Asian girls are the best. Not the poseur, tasteful natually Thx Hegre!
Pubic hair
The bushes of those Japanese beauties are awesome!
Upscale and classy. Slow and easy. Beautiful and erotic. Much to my liking.
Yes, very beautiful and very tender, but I agree - one waits anxiously for part two, with a little more - er - familiarity; I guess most people want more explicit material, which in no ways means that the filming isn't always very beautiful; and it's great to have tender and living material as opposed to sheer porn with violence. And boy, are these girls really beautiful!
RE: O...M...G!!!
nice kiss
Too much editing. Need more scene with just pussy licking only.
I believe them, which makes this very erotic. would love to see some "real" kissing.
film of the week
there must be a part two, three, four or five?
Konata & Lulu
Fantastic! I do hope there will be a part two??
My GOD! That was arousing. Petter, one of your greatest movies!! And the BEST part was, they ACTUALLY touched each other
Can't wait for Part 2
First authentical movie where you can actually feel visualized real emotion. Very nice!
totally hot
yea, that was um HOT! Can we see more of this with other girls like Melissa, Stasha, Dominika? Oh man....... well done, P!
I like this。。。。
Perfect in every way. Pedro, don't leave us hanging, though. Please show us the good parts. Nice work, mate.
RE: To be continued...
I also agree!!!!! Dan U.S.A.
Konata Please!!!!
The very first Konata spread ( the Geisha,i think) was AWSOME.Can we PLEASE HAVE A VIDEO OF THAT,LORD HEGRE?That would be a very sweet Christmas present for all of us Konata fans.What say you, sir Hegre? Dan, U.S.A
It is pretty crazy how hot this is.
Konata had me hooked from way back during the Penis Honoring film. She is the kind of girl you want to see doing everything and anything you can think of. I'm very glad Hegre was able to secure this model for their work in Japan. I sincerely hope to see more of her over the coming months.
Konata & Lulu
It is exquisite & thought provoking - more please...
To be continued...
Great stuff, but I agree with Wheeler, it looks like it was only just getting started!
Katakana vs Hiragana
The Japanese characters used in the posters are katakana and reserved for foreign words/names. As the artists are Japanese it's more correct to use the Hiragana equivalents. You would use these chracters for names like Mary or Susan. Possibly for Lulu (given it's both Eastern/Western) but certainly not Konata.
RE: I loved It
A caucasian guy here that has found out that, for some reason, he likes looking at ANY OTHER race better than his own (asians in particular)!And, if my Confederate grand parents could live to hear that, they would croak from hearing it!!!
A Bit Too Arty
It’s hot, but sometimes a girl with some clothes on – that eventually come off – can be hotter.
Always Amazing
Lesbian erotica can be so hard to keep from going into the typical porn scenario you see everywhere, but even though your films can often be very explicit, the combination of lighting, photography, and yes even realism, keep that from happening. This is no exception. Petter, my hat is off to you again.
well, that was nice! Kinda looked like they were just gettin started, hough! Kinda makes me hope for a part two...and maybe three...and maybe...
This Is Art
There is a sub-fetish among Japanese films that shows woman kissing, and I had been sceptical about this one at first because of that. I shouldn’t have been. Even though it is on the surface typical of that genre, it goes so much deeper and you can see how they really seem to be into it. There are few of your films I have not liked, and I should’ve known better than to doubt this one!
Its at about 1:40 when I had to shift my package or rip my pants. When Lulus tongue comes out and Konata sucks on it...WOW!!!
I loved It
No offense to Japanese women, but I have always found myself more attracted to caucasians. Dunno why, maybe something deep and dark from when I was growing up. But I absolutely loved this, and watched it over and over...and over.