Erica F Workout | Jan 04, 2011

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Members' Comments

I like her film, and think that she is a sexy lady despite having a tattoo on her.
work outs like these do make you hot. What starts in a gentile movement of muscles ends in a definite desire for hot company. Images well brought with an ever so much appealing intention. Great idea for more hot nude work outs of couples?
girls bodies working
It's great seeing a girls body working. All those curves being shown in the streches. Beautiful!
Nice, well done, very pretty model. Nasty, tattoes, pity
Creative take on working out
It was nice to see these manuevers "in the raw"...loved the leg lifts!
This is a beautiful video! Keep up the great work!!
This is very embarrasing for her.
RE: WoW!
Amen to that my man.
Ummmm, Peter, disappointed with this one. Working out is OK but not attractive or professionalism for viewing. Do it at home or gym.
Wow what a ass, she can work out on me anytime.
she need a personal trainer..... i could be at her disposal at any time!.. she is gorgeous.... and gorgeous breast.
Physically fit
Clearly, physical coordination is not her strong suite - but who cares!
RE: No Need
the tattoo looks to me to be a way of hiding an appendectomy scar. lots of girls do it.
like it!
I always liked how shy she seems judging by her facial expressions, but yet how easily she opens herself up. A testament to the skills of the photographer in working with young models, I suppose.
No Need
A beautiful and sexy girl like Erica F doesn’t need to work out. Can’t you see that body is natural?? What do the tattoos mean, anyway?
Not So Sure
That this is one of your better films, Petter. She seems a bit awkward at first, and does not seem to know really what she is doing. But then I look at those nipples and I just enjoy...
I Wonder...
That imaginative fucking at the end is very hot :-) And she has this little smile on her face like she’s thinking about something or someone, too...
What a great ass!
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So Very Flexible

It takes a great deal of work for some woman to keep a slim and fit shape, but for Erica F we think it all comes naturally.

She starts with some energetic calisthenics on the mat to warm up, then stretches and flexes, and all while completely nude. We can see her muscles moving, and her breasts bouncing. When she lies on the mat for a cool down stretch all we can do is admire her more shapely muscles, and the particularly sexy exercises she does with them.

Erica F is a young and lively girl. Her bright smile and sexy shape have made her a popular Hegre-Art model, and in this film we can see why.

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