Stasha Crazy In Bed | Feb 15, 2011

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Playing Time: 4 Minutes

Members' Comments

cool c'est pour ce genre de video que je me suis abonner a ce site :)
Stasha Crazy in bed
A very nice film.I really enjoyed it.Thanks to Stasha and crew
So excited and frisky this girl is!!
wow you are very beautiful
Hi Stasha I want to sleep with you, you're so cute and very sexy much love kisses Strobelight
puirty girl
nice clit love to watch her play with it
What a sweetheart, thanks for that one ;)
remind me
of a girl at work (whom I'm infatuated!) :)
hehehe cuteness!!!
Nice to see lovely Stasha just goofing off, and being silly!Although, it looked like she was gnna fall off the bed for a second, there! :( I like the music! it adds charachter!
Real cute
So spontaneous. It suits her real well.
Tits for ever
I was right there with her when she was pulling at her nipples. Felt it all.
Keep it quiet
Stasha has the place jumping alright. But I just dont believe that music.
Love those closeups
Pretty little asshole. Good of her to share it.
She has the moves
This movie had me laughing out loud with her. She knows how to fool around OK.
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Catch me if you can

This is a film to explore a lighter side of Stasha. Here we get a close-up view of a playful girl, having fun. And at the same time she knows she is a seductive woman.

One moment she gives a girlish giggle. The next, her fingers find her feminine centre. She rubs her breasts innocently, then arouses her own nipples with sudden desire. Her youth and vitality shine through every twist and turn of her body. She teases, reveals and conceals.

Every move she makes is seen from the position of the partner she is looking for. It's all for for the person who will share her bed and her body.

Models in this film:


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