Silvie Mini Bikini

May 17, 2011
21 Commentaires

The beat goes on. Et lorsque la musique envoûte Silvie, elle ne la lâche plus.

Son corps commence à répondre aux sons qu'elle adore. Elle commence à rentrer en contact avec le rythme. De plus en plus elle est accaparée. Ses mains se lovent de-ci de-là sur son corps. Son corps fin et athlétique est fait pour ça. Elle ne fait qu'un avec le son.

Le crescendo prend corps. La jouissance n'est pas loin. Mais la liberté qu'elle recherche ne peut se trouver tant qu'elle n'est pas totalement nue. Silvie ne laissera rien se mettre au travers d'elle et de son extase.

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Commentaires des Membres

Proper pubic hair, just the job! Put those razors away....
I like how the bikini is too small to cover her bush. Good video.
Silvie bush
Thank you Silvie . You remind me of past lovers who back in the 1990's still had hair. I loved it
I'm always puzzled when I see proponents and opponents of the shaved vulva. And hardly any mention of the body mutilation which bothers me a lot. Tattoos and body piercing, absolute turn offs to me. That damned stick pin through the navel, the tramp stamps ... it's hard for me to look beyond them. When you folks praise the natural look, you don't even notice the pincushions and dyed scars.
silva's bush
With a bush like that what is the point in going naked. All that hair hides the pussy and pussy juices. I much prefer the smooth skin to lick and play with.
Silvie. DO NOT get rid of your bush. It is somehow different to the bushes we see every day on our wives and girlfriends. Yours is somehow different. Maybe because it is so succulent not the usual 'short and curly'. Silvie, keep it.
BETR: nogo
Schade für Dich, Du bist ein Geschmacksopfer der Entwicklung von wenigen Jahrzehnten. Das was dieser hübschen Frau wächst ist nichts anderes als ein Teil des natürlichsten und eigentlich selbstverständlichsten das es gibt. Ich stehe derzeit zwar auch mehr auf Intimrasur, aber -da bin ich mir ziemlich sicher- die Zeit wird kommen und der Masse Ideal wird wieder behaart sein.
guys, Before we had razors we had teeth. I love the natural look of Silvie. Wish there were more like her.
You guys are nuts! I would love to chow down on that furry monster.
absolutly no go! these terrible bush is so enormous devilish... brrrrrr... I cannot take my eyes on this...
SILVIE - A Natural Woman
SILVIE - such an incredibly sexy woman with that yummy and luxuriant bush betwixt her legs. WHAT A TURN-ON!!!
I am happy to see again girls with natural fur. A shaved pussy looks like a chicken.
Silvie is very attractive and in fantastic shape, but that furry bush is not pleasant to look at whatsoever. I just don't understand the appeal of excessive body hair, particularly on a beautiful young lady.
film of the week
Beautiful girl and I rate her a 7. If she shaves that tarantula then I give her an 8.5 or maybe 9. Definitely pretty!
Malta on Silvie
Dude--it appears the air mattress is standing up against a concrete block wall and she is holding it with her shoulders. Silvie certainly has the moves, but I cannot believe she could do that laying down. Damn, though, she looks like a very fun chic.
She's the next best thing to a night out in a club.
Let's have a good time all of the time. That's what she says to me.
She looks like a real party girl. Always up for it even when she is on her own.
first time
It's the first time I've seen horizontal pole dancing.
Shake that thing. Silvie can move it with the best of them.