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Valerie Belleza Negra | Mar 15, 2011

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Duración: 8:02 Minutos

Comentarios de los Miembros

I think Valerie is such a beautiful woman and hope to see more of her. Everything she does I enjoy. Do you have any redbone women that you can oil up like that?
RE: valerie's anus
I agree; she has the most beautiful anus. Would love to see more it in different positions, being stretched and opened.
valerie's anus
what a magnificent anus we need to see it contracting at orgasm!!
valerie's anus
what a magnificent anus we need to see it contracting at orgasm!!
Valerie Week "videos" ????
I was kinda curious....this is "Valerie week", yet i must ask: Where are HER daily videos??? Just wondering =) **hint hint** lol =P
I agree 100% with Karguy. Valerie is THE reason i joined this site. I am loving this week. I would love to see Part 2 of her movie as well as more with her masterbating. This girl is a very beautiful and rare to find.
Valerie is incredible. She needs to do another movie. I so much want to see her masturbate, that would be awesome.
RE: valerie
Valeria is so gorgeous and sexy. She reminds me of Naomi, so i´d like to ask Petter: Can we see new material of NAOMI in the future ? that would be fantastic !
After reading some more comments I am glad a lot of us agree on her being extraordinary. I also think a little more bush would be nice. We are waiting for self massage part 2 and I think it would be a great contrast to have some dark pubes.
What a very beautiful woman, and what a beautiful classical fig-like cunt. I usually prefer my ladies shaved, but in this case for some reason would have liked just a token of pubic hair - just a little air-strip . . . But she is the most wonderful shape: those slim thighs! Just an idea: wouldn't it be excellent to see her being massaged by a white man or woman?
Valerie is one of the main reasons I joined this site too. She is a stunning woman! It is a pleasure to admire every inch of her beautiful body as she moves to the music. Her eye contact with the camera is icing on the cake.
I must admit, Valerie is one of the Main and Only reasons i joined this site. So please continue the updates of her. Ty.
Is there a second part or continuation to this film? Does, or will she be getting more explicit? And finally, is this the only site where i can see her?
Outstanding film. Excellent way to study Valerie's fabulous body. Her body is perfectly sculpted and has terrific definition. Great way to appreciate it and show it off in it's most beautiful form.
Maybe music from Sade. Valerie is without a doubt an incredible sexy erotic individual.The lighting the oil and the shoot overall is fantastic. Congratulations ! I am sure I am not the only one waiting for more.
Valerie Coloured Beauty
her moves, her motion and lovely body - in total an fantastic view
Valerie - Mauritius
Wonderfoul Valerie ... my compliments!
Cool sound
Liked the music to start with. Kinda African as well and went well with Valerie.
Catch you later
Her final look said to me there is lots more to come after this. Sure hope so.
I like athlete women very much. Send many more soon
The oil does great things for her. A real smooth production.
What a mover
That's one amazing body she has. Musta spent years practising those moves.
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En estado puro

Valerie representa el espíritu de su tierra. Salvaje, orgullosa e indomable.

Con cada movimiento proclama que es una mujer que goza con su naturaleza femenina. La manera en que aceita su cuerpo produce sorprendentes efectos luminosos. Éstos enmarcan cada curva y rincón escondido de su cuerpo y revelan su encanto.

Sin esfuerzo, ella pasa de una pose a otra hasta llegar a esa misteriosa mirada final. Desde sus rizos negros como carbón hasta los exquisitos piés, Valerie nos muestra la perfección de la atleta y la atracción de la tentación.

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