EricaF Red Sheets

April 19, 2011
The Awakening

When Erika is aroused from her sleep, she turns to a different kind of arousal.

Who can tell what she has been dreaming of? Could it have anything to do with the sleepy way that her hand wanders to her most intimate parts? And then stays there, exploring and stroking. Soon she is in another kind of dream, thinking of imagined delights. As she touches her breasts and everywhere else, her whole body joins in. This is the way to start a new day.

This dream is very real. It takes her over and she surrenders to it completely.

  • Runtime: 10:26 Minutes
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Members' Comments

too bad she didnt have a little hair down in her nether regions
Work it
Beautiful clit! Way to work it, love it!
Simply orgasmic! I had mine while watching you ... thanks Erika!!!
Beautiful girl, beautiful masturbation........ Beautiful!!
Erica de Portugal
In a word: dull.
ok...I must say, that was super smokin hot!!!
Nice touch
Thanks Erika. You really handled that well.
Take it easy
Real relaxed. But opposite effect on me.
In my dreams
Erika is in a world of her own. I'd really love to join her there.
Looks good sounds good
Cool movie and the sound track was right for it too. The bird song was neat.
Doing her own thing
It's always great to see Erika. Whenever she appears she's always so cool and in control. Maybe not so much in this film though.