Valerie Self Love

May 3, 2011
Getting to know you

Like every love story, it starts with a glance then a thought. First there is the lightest touch, just to see where it might lead. And then there is the beginnings of getting aroused.

Confidence grows and passion starts to reveal itself. Soon Valerie is totally carried away by the feelings that are stirring inside her. Like every lover she wants to get to know everything. Every place. Every touch. Every taste. She wants to explore all desires at once. Her fingers roam outside and inside seeking satisfaction.

And this is one love story that does have a happy ending.

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Members' Comments

One of best on this site - awesome - wow
Want to meet you
Valerie, Call me, sweetheart! Richard
Very good :)
Full arks for the lighting in this video - the silky texture of the skin is wonderfully shown. And Valerie has the most magnificent body, and apart from pleasuring herself knows how to pleasure an on-looker - I always love it when a woman throws her legs up over her head so you have that marvellous view of cunt and asshole together, with the beautiful gloves of the ass framing them. First rate.
Es hermosa
Eres realmente hermosa, gracias por compartir tus orgasmos....
This was extremely exquisit! Sensual errotica like only Hegre can make it. I sure hope there's more like this in store for us!
Shared Ecstasy
Perfect, absolutely finger fucking perfect. No knobs, no toys and no masking oil, just her long whispering fingers. Extraordinary...
nubile beauty
Valerie is one of the most gorgeous women in Hegre-Art. She also turns me on because she gets so wet, and I am a sucker for girls who get wet. It's better than moaning and screaming to me.
Perfect beautiful flexible more African women like Valerie please
I could watch this young beauty play with herself all day/night long. She was really into it..... and so was I. Bravo!!
Good film
Wow what a love story! You are right it does have a happy ending as you can see that Valerie was so pleased with her lovemaking! I loved when she gave herself some of her love juice and how intimate she really got with herself! I loved it! Need a sequel to this. Maybe her a a secluded beach?
Superb video! It was so sensual and passionate the way she touched her body and made it feel good all over. My lips are SO jealous right now!
World's greatest nipples
Valerie is just dynamite. Wonderfully intimate shoot. Valerie is so beautiful and just oozes sexuality. In addition to her beautiful body she has the world's greatest nipples.
One of the most beautiful colored girls I have ever seen!! One thing I'll take over a white girl anyday is how their milky cream shows up so sweet in their vagina. You've got it Valerie and I love to watch!!
I Love The Female Body
It is really hard for me to understand how someone can say they just to look at white or black. They do not have to have a beautiful face foe me to get excited. To my way of thinking the word RACE needs to be eliminated from the english language. There is only one race and that is the human race.
RE: How far can you go
I personally think it is up to you Petter and your model. I really enjoyed the videos and pictures of Tina which apparently caused a stir 2004!! I like my porn both hard and soft and this is why I have stayed a member of this site so long, I think about 6 yrs, because you always shock me on ocassion with the content and themes. Your site is head and shoulders above the rest of the sites on the web and I will only leave if your site becomes boring or too soft. Keep up the good work and shock me some more, I can't wait!!! Sandy
Best video I've seen here--she really gets into it. No stoicism here. If only that was my tongue instead of her finger.
I don't know that just because a person doesn't like non-white models would make them a racist, any more than it would make them a [what?] if they only like brunettes with pale skin, or only like blonds with tan skin, or only small butts or big butts, small breasts or big breasts. Obviously blask skin looks very different then white skin (though there are points where the boundary blurs, as their are some white women who spend a lot of time in the sun who might be darker than some black women). And just to mention, there are racists who might find a black woman sexy, but would see them as less human or whatever than they would their own race. Personally, I find some black women amazing, just like I find some white women amazing. I love Valerie here
RE: RE: Debate
Tuco from United Kingdom. The answer is simple. Yes, you are racist. Any male human being that doesnt find this woman to be amazingly beautiful and astoundingly erotic has serious issues. I would say your problems go beyond racism. Frankly, being a psychologist, as well, I normally would not be so frank about this issue. Mental health doctors dont typically call their patients "nuts". But because I dont really believe that you were not aroused by this gorgeous creature, I would say that you are troubled with serious sexual and mental ssues that need immediate and prolonged treatment....whether you really didnt find her beautiful or you truly are such a narrow minded bigot. I am a white, All American, typical male from Central and Rural United States. This is most probably one of the top two or three most beautiful and erotic women and videos I have ever seen on this or any other site. You are insulting to this wonderful woman and the artist. If your intent was to annoy and irritate normal people. Congratulations. Mission Accomplished. "You're Nuts", btw.
RE: Debate
Racism is learned. It does not mean you are trying to be racist if one realizes that by growing up and internalizing attitudes, stereotypes, and ways of thinking one tries to be racist. That said, for me, I have learned that one's ideas about what is attractive are formed by our families, friends, school, media, and the diversity of our communities, the fashion industry and so on. Ask any first grade child who is beautiful. Ask children of color. They will all tell you the lighter the skin the more pretty, the smarter, the more popular the nicer. Why? This is how we learn about class, race, power, and the hierarchy of our society. Now as an adult one finds one's ways of being attracted as just a preference formed due to mysteries. Well it is not a mystery. So draw your own conclusions, but look into your reactions. I think you will see that the culture has been internalized in ways you may wish to rid yourself of. All human beings are equally meritorious and unique. The one most important way we are all the same, is that each person is uniquely themselves.
RE: Debate
Obviously it was your intention to provoke laughter. But to answer your question: Yes, you're a racist. Same is true, if you don't like dark chocolate. Or black cats.
Very interesting issues raised by the previous poster. It's encouraged me to pose a question of my own. My membership expires in a few days, so I may as well speak my mind. So I respectfully ask, as I find that I am not attracted to non-white models, does that make me a racist? It's not my intend to provoke any offence. I'm honestly interested in the possible perspectives on this question. I certainly don't know the answer myself. Thank you.
How far can you go
Cleary Valerie will do anything you ask, which begs a problem - how far, how much is too much. Not focusing on what could have happen this is a great vid so thank you all, special thanks to Valerie for sharing herself in this way. Noted that there is an up and coming massage vid of a similar style which appears to address some of the points other patrons have made about the massage vids. Again it raises the question how far to go, how much is too much. There is without doubt a blurred line between soft and hard porn, one which can be danced across only to upset the more pure of heart Hegre fans/Tantra fans. My experince is the further you go the less the mystery and the less the appeal. And it is so easy to criticise; the lighting is too dim, the massager wore a bra, the model with all the crew around her failed to orgasm, they actually didn't have sex. But what's the flip side another gaping... I digress the importance is the beauty against the rub of dare, there will always be, she could of bent over backwards and touched herself against I found it foul that such a beauty should cheapen herself; the line is ragged but lets not forget the models, people not items, they choose to share and dare and in a moment the natural is captured all can be laid bare. On other days its harder to be relaxed to be natural especially with a stranger being intimate in front of the lighting/sound guy. So lets push the boundaries as we must but allow the models/masseur to be comfortable, relaxed, natural, beautiful.
Oh my God, YES YES YES!!!
Self Pleasure
I find skillful self pleasure to be a beautiful activity. Beautiful to watch and also beautiful to do. This video was great for both.
Valerie self-pleasuring
Who could argue that Valerie is among the hottest women on this site. I, too, am a huge fan of her nipples. This is a spectacular film, but it would be better with no music and the breathing mic. I think the panting at the end was "produced;" I think a breathing mic earlier in the film would have revealed more realism, and this young woman is soooo real.
Valerie beleza pura
OMG she is fantastic. the best you got. Cant wait for her and Lynn.
Now are we talking...
My comment to this is only: Fantastic ! More, more, more of this !
very sexy movie,wonderful nipples
fantastic. Beautiful woman and lovely ending.
Nice, nice, nice girl. Black is beautifull. Yet, a smile Valerie - just a smile to make us out here belive you like it.
Very hot, very wet. Thank you Valerie.
Next stop, 'Mutual massage 2'. Complete with mutual orgasms.
Rare event
I think it is hard to believing that Valerie would be alone like this. Not if she my girl.
Being there
Loved those real close close-ups at the end.
Delicious. And I mean delicious. Valerie sure knows how to enjoy herself.
Everyone's happy
They say you can't please everyone so you better please yourself. Wrong! Valerie does both.
No surprise
No wonder she gets carried away like she does. I've been like that about her since she appeared.