Marjana Fantasy

June 28, 2011
Sweet dreams

Marjana’s thoughts turn to pleasure and soon thinking about it turns to action.

The sensuous Marjana cannot live without this delight. She is an expert at creating it in herself. Her feminine white underwear must go. But there is no hurry. It can be removed oh so slowly. Meanwhile her voluptuous breasts and nipples have their own part to play in her arousal. Inevitably she is drawn more and more to more intimate curves and folds of her body.

The end is never in doubt. It is the journey to fulfilment that has all her attention. And ours.

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Members' Comments

I agree, Marjana is one of the best girls in Hegre-Art. Very beautiful, sweet, smiling, unshy, very sexy. Wish you could make more videos with Marjana. Would be nice to see her outdoor.
Few things in life are as enjoyable as watching a lovely young naked girl pleasure herself to orgasm! And Marjana has a very nice pussy.
RE: the Best
I cum each time I watch this video!
the Best
Marjana, you are the best. I would watch all of your films
Raison d'etre
My viewing of the voluptuously sensuous Marjana was spoilt by the erratic film-making. She is so naturally erotic, the camera should adopt a submissive role and go with the flow. Her sex appeal is the essence of her femininity, her deliciously creative love-making the raison d'etre
When I go to heaven, I hope Marjana is waiting. What an angelic body.
Wat ben jij een heerlijke vrouw!!!!!!!!!!!!
So nice to see a beautiful young woman who doesn't have hardware hanging from her navel, and no tattoos I noticed. Don't mutilate your body Marjana, don't join the crowd.
She is what i would say a goddess who is full of delight and the smoothness that she has can make any man to just want to spend time with her
Would love to spend a winter in Siberia with her.
Curtain raiser
This is a great intro for Maryana. I’m really looking to her next one. Maybe she can act out what she is thinking about in this one?
Twin peaks
Great to see a girl with such full firm breasts. She seems pleased with them too.
Twists and turns
I loved the way she kept turning. It’s like she was so overcome that she couldn’t make up her mind what to do next.
Shared fantasy
I wonder what she was thinking about? I’m sure we would have lots to talk about, her and me.
Star quality
This girl has got just fantastic breasts. They deserve a movie to themselves.