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Silvie Chat Room Queen | Jul 12, 2011

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what chat room is that?
so hot....
she is the only one web cam girl who is so cute she made me cum two times in the same chat waiting 5 minutes for my second round.....
4:16 is such a priceless facial expression while she's rubbing her pussy. Makes me hard just thinking about it. Awesome job Silvie. I love your work!
RE: RE: how to contact her
Nice Film! Enjoyable, and someone needs to put their cock in your patiently waiting pussy. I wannambe!
Silvie is so hot, she must make a bundle, making guy's cum ! I love seeing her here. I want to see always more, and I would love having her ass and pussy! She is my favorite !
lovely lady
perfect body... would love to watch her sit on some of those larger dicks
RE: RE: how to contact her
enchanting need to share
how to contact her for same experince.
beautiful lady
RE: how to contact her
love to do the same thing with this beautiful lady
how to contact her
how do i contact her to experance the same.
It's amazing. In this movie Silvie is more beautiful, sexier and lovely than ever.
This is honestly the hottest thing I have ever seen in my life. I have never seen anyone do anything like this. This is why I keep coming back and renewing my subscription. There is something for everyone here, something you can't get anywhere else. So intense. Thank you!
Perfect. This will be in the top 10 soon.
Another showing of the genius that is Petter Hegre! What man or woman has not fantasized about this very scenario. Being able to share that moment with one of Petter's lovely models was very erotic. I only wish poor Silvie would have had a toy to enhance her experience. More Petter, more!
I agree with Sean. Not my cup of tea either. Different strokes for different folks. I won't download it, didn't even finish watching it. I, for one, don't care for anus shots either. Some people rave about them. Meh ... everybodys got an ass hole, it's an exit not an entrance, not a sexual attraction unless you're a gay man. I don't like "Body Art", most of the models have either a Stick Pin stuck through their navels or scars from having had them. Tattoos are a turn off to me too. Just like an unmutilated body. OK, I started out agreeing with Sean and probably went beyond his views, LOL. I just like beautiful naked women, without the mutilation, and most definitely without naked men on the scene. Actually, I don't take pleasure in actual sex being depicted, I prefer to leave that to my own imagination and embellished memories. JMHO, YMMV and probably does.
not sure if i like seeing a bunch of dicks. interesting though- sex in the 21st century..
I see Silvie had some fun with this... she even seemed to have a turned on reaction to one of the guys. But still, I hope that Silvie finds (or better already has found) an interesting real partner that is her equal and makes her lose her cool so deliciously. Its a tall order, I know. Good luck in the new venture
but when?
when are the live cams coming? We've already got July ;-)!
Well that's interesting! I'm excited.
What a great idea for a film and it worked brilliantly! Good to see some ejaculation at last as well - albeit at one remove. Can't believe no women called up though. Looking forward to much more.
We want more like this! This is fantastic and great! The kind of movie i was looking for! Love the natural thing! She is so sexy! Keep it up!
Very hot video, indeed, but very interesting is Silvie's reaction to her wanking and cumming partners: It's obvious that she finds them a lot more amusing than arousing. I'm sure, when the camera's out she is having an even bigger laugh about what she saw.
She's great, but my only complaint is that she doesn't connect with people with chat. Guys are asking questions and she doesn't answer, could be a language barrier I suppose. If that is the case she should probably let her clients know what language she speaks, otherwise it just come across as "shut up, don't care." and I'm sure she doesn't realize that. Still, fun video to watch and she's very beautiful . . .
there's another male orgasm in one of the massage videos
Her Bush
I love Silvie. I just wish she would leave her bush alone. She's got a great bush when she lets it grow out. I would love to see her give a Lingam massage to a male model. I have seen some of her other hardcore videos and she's great!
She is by far the most beautiful and sexy girl on this site. And not just on this site, I am for sure she is te most beautiful girl in the world!
Great ! Thank you Peter for this erotic clip ! And thanks also that you show first time on your site male orgasms. Maybe an erotic fotoshoot with Silvie next ? I would really like to see the sperm on her wonderful body !!
Best yet
This was my favorite film on here thus far... Making me all the more excited for the new cam option to begin! Thank you Silvie!
RE: feature to come
live cam chat's are coming to this summer :) see more here:
so, is this a preview of things to come???
Three movies
I like the three pictures running all the way through. It was kinda 3 movies in one.
Doing her thing
Silvie is always good value for money. She does her thing professionally. I thought that I got to know her a bit better when she kept looking at the camera like she was saying what you think of that?
More talk
Great idea to show everything going on. IMHO I reckon this would have been a good chance to have her talking as well because she looked as though she was anyway even though we didn’t get to hear it.
Unusual to say the least and it makes quite a change getting the behind the scenes peek, also it looked like she was having fun in a good way with the guys. A bit of humour works fine with the erotic stuff.
Loving it
Congratulations on a well planned and nicely edited movie. Best bit was the way Silvie kept looking at the camera she was on in her room. That made it seem like she was sort of having a conversation with me too. I’m loving it.
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