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スターシャ ネオンラ... | Jul 26, 2011

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プレータイム: 3:42分


beautiful girls..
peter u have some of the most beautiful girls in the world exposeing their most private parts to the wourld ,but is greatley appreciated by more than me.
purple rain
look, the amazing choreography. Solid post video production. creative idea.....hegre....never stops amazing. user since 1998 i would say light should come out from her vagina....squirt as a fountain of purple rain. solid!
Quite simply " inspired" work from Petter the natural conclusion to this would have been a glow in the dark dildo that Stasha could insert, perhaps that could be the sequel.
Yum...she is sweet like spun honey!
In every sense of the word. Stasha is so cool and I loved the film...
found the neon light too harsh. light polution: today's world with too much noise and light for a peaceful living and clear thinking.
Outstanding in every way!
a fantastic film, this super light and shadow effects, erotic art in outstanding quality, bravo!
Hope there gonna be a long version with half a dozen of models (or even more) ! Absolutely amazing !
great job
so creative peter thx
great video
very good and creative concept THANKS peter
This is terrific visually. The way she looks like she’s making love to the tube gets me going bigtime.
to short
I could watch Sasha all day and I have been known to. It’s a pity this one is a bit short, but hey whos complaining when we get Sasha dancing.
cool stuffs!!! very sexy!!! (But, stasha alwys is)
lovely pussy
All this looked a bit dangerous to me. We don’t want any harm to come to Stasha’s lovely pussy do we? It’s too nice to take any chances with.
That’s quite some phallic symbol but it never fazes Stasha
Get it on
I reckon her and Luke Skywalker should get it on together LOL
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