Dominica C - Ailes de Colombe | Aug 09, 2011

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Durée : 5:09 Minutes

Commentaires des Membres

tu a des lèvres magnifique je te fais plein de bisous dessus
Dominika C. Beautiful Pussy Lips
Dominika has the beautiful pussy lips that I have ever seen. I would love to eat her pussy all up, to lick thoses lovely pussy lips. From an admirer in Montreal, Canada. Your so beautiful Dominika.
dominika c
beautiful labia there and a terrific video. best looking labia on all models i,ve seen.
RE: love u dominika
i agree. delicious looking labia. awesome video
what i would do for 5 minutes of time in those lips......
stunning wings
wow what a beautiful lady Dominika is. and for one so young to have such long sweet juicy tasty wings a delight for any nam or woman to find hidden away. she looks so sweet and enjoying the shoot thank you for the pleasure.
love u dominika
the sexist model on hegre art
Dominica always seems so happy! She always has that wry grin, like she knows what we're all here for, let's not pretend! I really hope she's on the live cams...if they ever get up and running...
My GF has huge labias and a very large full one inch long clitoris but Dominika has larger lips....unbelievable! I am stunned
This is a really good love story! I think that she was truly in love! Valerie really was passionate in this film and she was very loving! I love how at the end she was so happy! I am glad to see such a romantic film!
A sight worth seeing
I wonder what would be the hotter, the touch of skin or the sight of her film? Because what I just saw was hard to beat, and entirely satisfying.
Lets go dove hunting
Dominika just rules me.
My favorite model. I swear, I would spend Hours worshiping every inch of her perfect body.
Dominika has the most amazing pussy lips! Awesome film showing off that beautiful pussy. My favorite part is when Dominika turns around and you can see that great ass and see those pussy lips hang down from behind. So sweet!
Dominika is undoubtedly the star of the site, without any offense to the other girls. Her delicious brown labia and gorgeous puckered anus are die for and to dream of. And such a sweet innocent smile. Thanks for a great set. Definitely worth the couple of weeks of anticipation for the "next movie"!
A Million dollar smile!!
Her Smiles are like a million dollars but her vertical "Lips" with a wide smiles are priceless!!
Don't stop now
The fun was just beginning! Surely there's more to come? That pussy was crying out for one or two of those slippery fingers to slide inside!
My God...
OMG. This vid made my pulse quicken and my breathing deepen. The stuff that dreams are made of. Well done Hegre. And please, more like this.
Can we see her spread and pull those lush lips apart and down, opening herself up for us to enjoy what are the most amazing labia ever? This is one real hot hottie, an absolute DREAM!!
nice product placement there! lol supr sexy!!
Much as I enjoy seeing Dominika C in a video, this one fails to do her justice. Gratuitous vaginal shots. Utterly tasteless.
What about orgasm?
Nice short film. I think it could have been better with going on longer. I want to see more of her rubbing herself and watching her orgasm. Next time maybe?
Check out that smile. She’s loving it
She’s back
It feels like Dominika has been away for a long time. I for one am very happy to see her back again and just as impressive as ever with that wonderful pussy she shows off.
Great ad for Dove.
Glad to see that Dominika’s pussy is still just like I remember it
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Jour de dorlotage pour Dominika

Aujourd'hui Dominika va se faire bichonner, par elle-même. Elle a quelque chose sous la main pour se faire du bien et elle va se réjouir sans limite.

Il y a tout d'abord une longue embrassade. Qu'elle poursuit par une friction tranquille de toute part. Sa peau douce absorbe la sensation. Ses seins et cuisses sont aux anges. Puis ses doigts se faufilent peu à peu entre ses jambes. Son cul ferme aura lui aussi droit au dorlotage. Elle peut ensuite se détendre et se laisser aller et vivre ce sentiment de luxure.

Si les célèbres lèvres de Dominika pouvaient parler, que diraient-elles en sentant son toucher ?

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