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Konata Ataduras | Aug 23, 2011

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Duración: 8:39 Minutos

Comentarios de los Miembros

Good idea with that thing in her pussy. Interesting kind of Bondage!!!
Great Film!
I really liked this one. Although I'm generally more into photo sets, this film was so hot! I loved to watch those guys touch her, bind her, bring her into position... Much better than the photo set!
i enjoyed this vid. the thing i didnt like was the guy(s) cummin in all the time to change position and help her with the ropes etc, i realise it had to be done but not with the guys in there all the time. i enjoy watching all types of sex vids etc however, the guys ruined this vid for me. the model Konata is very sexy lady with hair. ive read a lot of comments that guys dont like hair, come on guys hair is sexy as is smooth but either is fine with me. ps. the hook very interesting....
The men who did this to a woman should be locked up.Get to it
Perfect! I'd like to see Valerie in Bondage with a white rope!
Absolutely amazing; provocative, erotic, stimulating and it gave me a much greater appreciation for the photo set that went along with it.
great!!! love it!!!
Dear lordy..
..what an amazing video. I did not expect to like that but it was just wonderful. I thank you.
bondage no thanks
I'm not into this at all.
Konata's Cunt Realizing its Potential
The more times I get to see things going in Konata's cunt the better! I regret any moment that such a cunt is not being put to good work! How it gladdens me to know that for at least some of the time it is being used properly! Good girl Konata!
Holy shit was that HOT!
Great shoot. Would love to see more like this.
Just a record
This is just a video record of a photo session. Didn't entertain me. Sorry.
part 2
Mr hegre, Isn't it about time for part 2 of the konata bondage photo session?
I would like to see a movie all about those nipple clamps that Konata has.
More kink
Lets have much more of the kink films. There is a whole world of it just waiting to be explored. Konata is just the start.
Get together
Konata is a girl after my own heart. I would love to get it on with her
Just look at those knots. That was a real master who put them together
It’s all a bit unnerving all that with the hook.
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Esta excitante película revela hasta dónde puede llegar Konata para satisfacer sus extraños deseos. Ella acaricia y besa las ataduras que la tienen cautiva.

Desde que aparece bailando con sus pinzas de pezón queda claro que sus deseos llegan a lo extremo. Para satisfacerlo tiene que estar atada con tal fuerza que no haya manera de escapar. Las cuerdas anudadas están dispuestas de manera que sus piernas, brazos y pechos no pueden casi moverse.

Ella acaba arrastrándose por el suelo, indefensa y temblorosa. Por lo menos ahora está en el sitio en el que quería estar.

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