Caprice Cam Girl | Oct 04, 2011

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Members' Comments

Caprice for a cam chat?
how would one go about being able to cam cht with her?
Perfectly done, I think it shows how girls can enjoy camming as much as guys, and while I don't care much to see guys, I think it's a nice addition to the video !
Love this video... I love the whole concept and obviously Caprice is incredible... worth the price of a subscription just for this. Thank you.
how to contact her for same experince.
could not get a response from silvia, so i am trying caprice who is beautiful
OK, how many of you guys are cruising chat-rooms now waiting for another one of the girls from Hegre-Art to come online? lol
Cam Girl very hot
This new series of girls performing as CAN girl is realy hot. I hope to see a lot of them.
Really nice film and nice idea ! But it would be much more erotic to see caprice with real dicks !!
love this film
at first glance i thought i might not care for this, but watching caprice react and watching her body won me over! it's a different twist but a really nice one. once again like the massage film it shows caprice in a way that was never seen on other sites. keep up the good work and i hope to see more of caprice.
Not a keeper
She is beautiful. But Y U keep showing dicks???!! >:(
This is great
I really liked this. Caprice masturbates so well, and she plays nicely with her cute dress, stripping and then covering up again. I think that this is the hottest masturbation on this site. I'd like to see more of her doing it, and a little less of the words on the screen. Unlike some, I really do like seeing the cocks pumping their cum in homage to Caprice.
At the start Caprice seemed like she thought it was all a bit of a laugh. Then as it went on it was starting to get her excited as well. What I mean is that about 9 minutes in she looks to me as if she is getting genuinely excited by what is happening.
Too many cocks
I thought this was OK as an idea but for me anyway I do not want to see a whole lot of cocks. Lots of pussies is great but too much cock here.
A classic
Classic film. One for me to keep. I think the bit I liked best was Caprice sort of talking to herself while she was on camera and commenting to herself. It was interesting to see it from so many viewpoints as well.
Great pace
Congratulations on one fantastic movie. I thought the pace of it was great the way it kept going. Bang bang bang all the way through. It makes a good change from some I have seen that are just too slow.
You are different
Caprice I love you more every time I see you. Thanks for the behind the scenes glimpse of you at work. You look as though you enjoy what you do. That’s good. Sometimes I wonder if the girls I talk to on chat lines are knitting or something when they are on the line but you are different.
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It’s good to talk

It’s even better to have Caprice ready to indulge your fantasies. Just say the word.

There is non-stop action start to finish. Caprice is in demand. That’s the way she likes it. He demands. She obliges. She knows what turns on the guys. We see all the action from every angle. Caprice can see the effect her gorgeous pussy and ass has on her guy. We watch them watching each other. We eavesdrop on their intimate conversations.

Soon Caprice has another very satisfied customer.

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