Marjana Masturbant | Dec 27, 2011

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Durée : 11:38 Minutes

Commentaires des Membres

You have created the most erotic video I can imagine! I seem to always be coming.. back to it, Thank you
I've been told that most guys masturbate to porn. I rarely do. I mainly just enjoy looking at it.
I really could just watch you every night - i love your orgasims
joy of masturbation
absolutely loved watching Marjana ... listening to the sounds of her wetness and watching her bring herself to climax ... it certainly got me stroking ... thankyou Marjana!
Love this film so much! Marjana is sooooo much in love here! Love how she takes her time carressing her own body before getting in to it. Love the ending as it shows she enjoyed every minuet of it.
RE: Why so sad?
wouldn't call it "sad".I'd call it "out of breath"!
She is still..
my number 1 lady.
Fot the brief time in which we live and feel desire, nothing else matters but decadent pleasures...
Astonishingly beautiful, really. Marjana's voluptuous sensuousness was deliciously arousing, but I do love to see the girls moistness which the oil would conceal. The denouement was utterly natural, not sadness, but a tinge of regret or rejection. It's often a quite brief reaction which ought to be treated sensitively by the partner. I shall return often to this little gem...
The sound track is great. Not talking about the music. It’s Marjana’s wet slippery pussy at 5:00 onwards. Let’s have more of that in other movies too.
Re: Why so sad
Don’t you know the saying “All creatures are sad after sex”? It’s true. I think it must be the come-down after the excitement and a sort of reaction that you cannot help or maybe it’s regret that it’s all over.
Why so sad?
Why so sad looking at the end. She has had a good time hasn’t she?
It’s great watching film clips of women masturbating because I pick up all sorts of little tips about what they are really wanting when they get excited. Like in this one when Marjana gives her pussy and her clit some light slaps. Thanks Marjana. I can use that one.
Marjana you get a big round of applause from me. I could watch you touch yourself like this all day.
Long & Soft...
i wish i could help fan the flames...i have long and soft fingers from my mom :)
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Les mains à la tâche

Il y a des moments où le désir de Marjana fait des étincelles. En voici un.

Une simple pensée fugace traverse son esprit. C'est le coup d'envoi. Ses mains se posent sur ses seins. Le feu commence à faire des siennes. C'est un feu étrange qui la fait mouiller. L'huile versée sur elle la fait brûler de réjouissance encore plus. Quelques caresses sur son minou la fait fondre en larmes... Idem par derrière. Sans doute qu'ouvrir ses jambes fera de même ?

La seule chose à laquelle elle pense c'est de répondre à son souhait.

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