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Valérie Comme devenir un top m... | Jan 10, 2012

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Durée : 14:50 Minutes

Commentaires des Membres

Invitation to red carpet Broadway premiere
Valerie: do more videos with valerie swimming and in pools and in the ocean
Lights, camera, Action
Men sweat, Women perspire, Dancers Glows!
Yes, Valerie is awesome. No need to say more.
RE: Valerie is the best.
I agree totally, to see this beautiful model in an anal scene or massage would top everything already done on this site
Valerie is the best.
I saw that she was playing with her anus In the tub around 8:25 in this video. So hot...When can we get the full version?? Her body is so beautiful. At least one anal scene please??? Massage or solo.
What an awesome woman, this film needed to be about 3 hours long to do it justice. Too many switches of scene meaning the they were too short!! She is sex on legs which go on for miles! More,more please
Valerie beleza pura
Now surprise she is a top model. She has it all. Obrigado
This film confirms that Valerie is awesome.
hope we get to see ALL of these scenes at length!
RE: RE: Pay attention
There's a David Johansen song called "Frenchette" with the line: "I get all the love I need in a luncheonette with just one glance, so let's just dance..."
RE: Pay attention
Ach! They just like to think they are cool, most of them would fall apart if the girl feigned interest. Personally, I love the challenge, love to get a response. Makes my day if a pretty girl smiles, on occasions my obvious interest lands me in big trouble, thats quite a buzz. I would melt if this fascinating creature winked at me! Definitely...
Pay attention
I have seen it before but it still gets me every time. I mean the way Valerie and the other girls can walk and jog along that beach and be ignored. Come on guys. Even if you are gay you must pay attention to real beauty when you see it.
Gorgeous smile
You have such a gorgeous smile Valerie and I would say you must have a great sense of humour too. I would like to see more of that side of you coming across in the films.
Slow down
Valerie is someone I could happily watch all day. That is why I found it a bit frustrating with this movie because it cut so quickly from one scene to the next. I would have liked it slowed down some more so that you can settle down a bit with the different locations and episodes.
When you see all these shots together it is a great reminder of how much Valerie has achieved.
Thank you
Valerie I have been following you since you first appeared and I want to thank you for bringing back all these wonderful memories. I just know there’s a whole lot more to come.
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Star en devenir

Elle a ce qu'il faut et elle est là pour le démontrer. Valérie vous invite à jeter un oeil aux moments inoubliables de son histoire hors du commun.

Elle assure quoiqu'il arrive. Son corps somptueux et sa personnalité délirante l'ont menée des Iles Maurice paradisiaque et tropicale au glamour de la Méditerranée. Rien que du ciel bleu tout le temps pour elle. La vraie Valérie est là, femme et superstar.

Revivez avec elles ces joyaux de merveille.

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