Kiki Christmas Vibrations

December 13, 2011
Xmas comes

But it’s not just once for Kiki. It’s again and again.

She must have been a very good girl this year. Or maybe she has been very naughty. Santa Claus has been generous. He has brought her what she longed for. She cannot wait to play with all her goodies. More and more she gets herself in a frisky festive mood. Her ecstatic sighs and cries are proof of real delight.

The bells are ringing for another Hegre first. Kiki gets totally wrapped up in the climax to her very private celebration.

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Members' Comments

RE: Penetration
I agree, when Kiki finally seems to have inserted the pink one, we get to see the side of her leg. C"mon, cameraman, we need to be confinced the vib is in that pretty pussy, where it ought to be. Quit the deception
Christmas Vibrations
I really liked the video, and Kiki is so cute. I thought going through numerous toys before getting to the vibrator was a little tedious, but it was worth the wait.
Wenn man einen Orgasmus schon vorspielt, dann bitte auch richtig!
Kiki Christmas Vibrations
Thank you for the close-ups of her sexy mouth!!
Nice Video
There few few things more beautiful than watching a young girl like Kiki pleasure herself to orgasm. Really erotic to share this with her. Thank you.
one year ago
please Kiki, gain the wait and become like this again. On this video, you use to have the ideal body !!
It was a small o, not her usual. Note the hardening of nipples and slight flushing of the chest and neck.
Let's hear it for product placement in movies...Hegre movies that is.
Maybe I'm just not with it, butbsurecseem like a real orgasm to me.
Contractual obligations !?
Kiki you are absolutely stunning! This is a great movie showing an intimate moment of a gorgeous girl. However, was there something missing? As a medical student way back in the sixties, I remember our Professor's contribution once when, after an Anatomy lecture students were heatedly discussing 'women faking orgasms'. With a knowing smile the old boy said: "strong, visible and rhythmic contractions of the anal sphincter usually proves the occurrence of orgasm for both men and women." End of story! At the moment of truth, there were glimpses of Kiki's neat anus sans the aforementioned contractions. Perhaps Mr Hegre will bring us evidence of the 6 to 9 contractions at some time soon!
RE: Penetration
that is realistic...women spend a lot of time on the outside in real life, that's were the O button is. trust me.
to pretty to have sex with
kiki i have never seen a girl that turned me on like you. u are almost to good to have sex with. but if it were possible i would do anything u wanted.
The real deal!
Absolutely wonderful. Great work.
Wow I was not expecting her to vocalize at the end there! =) I love watching genuine orgasms not fake ones.
Kiki what is the vibrator that you are using?
kiki loved the verbal climax you had
Santa came early
OH Kiki, such a beautiful girl ... such a beautiful moment ... thanks for sharing your orgasm with us, Merry Christmas to you too, hope we see more of you in the New Year!
Heh looks like Pierre and Roland climaxed together in Switerland. Have fun boys!
I'm the luckiest here...have seen live and a even stronger one...luv kiki forever!
Are her toys in her or aren’t they? I could not make out whether they were. I wanted to see her use them for them penetration. That’s what they are made for and I think that is what is missing from this movie.
So fucking sexy...
This is the sexiest film I have ever seen. Great and strong climax! You are so sex and beautiful Kiki. Love you....
Kiki has a good time with these but there are lots of other things she could play with. Can we have another film please with her trying out all kinds of different toys as well? That’s what I want to see.
The most beautiful and sexiest
This is the best and the sexiest film I have ever seen. Kiki has a real and strong orgasm! So beautiful.......you are so beautiful.....!
Sexy and funny
Great movie Kiki. You have it just right. Sexy,funny and intimate.
This is my favourite sound track of the year at the bit where she cries out at the end. She sounds wild.