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Caprice FKK Strand | Jan 24, 2012

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Spieldauer: 7:20 Minuten


You must have had crowd control in place. She sure will attract a lot of attention. This one could have been hours long and I would still be watching it. She is a petite little sex kitten.
She is a petite beauty.
naturist beach in Croatia ?
hello, I notice that this movie location is the same as other nudist beach movies: I see a town, I guess it is located on the Croatian or Slovenian coast of Adriatic, can you tell me in which place (town and beach) we are ?? thanks
Simply beautiful
Caprice is just the perfect woman. From her pretty face, perfect breasts & nipples, hot ass & legs.
hi.very nice film.on which beach is caprice filmed.ßthanks.
Caprice is completely mind-blowing!
My god- feminine beauty is so supreme. This was absolutely beautiful. To think i live in a coastal town- and do not adopt the beach as part of my lifestyle. Nature is grand!
Shutter Speed
We love nude beaches, and she is a true honey... but Tech Note for Shooting Video: If you increase your shutter speed to handle the light level of the beach (the way you would shooting stills) you get the unpleasant stuttering movement when you are shooting action, called 'strobing.' You need to use neutral density filters if you want to avoid that effect -- and please do. It is not pleasant. Thanks!
Beautiful at how natural she is in the nude, and I haven't set foot on a beach in ages but this is as close as I can get for now, the way the video is done, you almost feel there. Truly makes you want to go and lay in the sun with her !
CAPRICE at the beach !
Oh, to be a whitecap on a wave !
This is very beautiful. But very dizzy at the same time. The movement of the camera is a tad too choppy. But a very jovial vibe in the video, it's beautiful.
Wonderful girl
She could come and live in my beach house any day. :-D
RE: Feels good
You sexy wicked woman
what a stunner
One of my all time favorite shoots (I've seen more than a few) Wow Petter got right in the waves with his expensive camera. He liked the shoot too. This one made my week. Thanks.
Surely the most gorgeous woman on Hegre Art :) sweet, playful, young, with a perfect body and a unique beauty
The Girl in the Fuckbunny
How utterly delightful to see Caprice in a splash of frisky fun as she thrills to the tingle of the spray. All the essence of an innocent young girl as she casts aside her pornstar image for the light fantastic...
More erotic
It’s so good to see Caprice so natural. Erotic models are so much more erotic when they are out of a studio and in some ordinary setting which they make arousing.
Re: In the open
Whatever floats your boat, you guys. For me I think the whole point was to show Caprice having a “day off” and being herself. OK so she was still being filmed but you know what I mean. Give the girl a break.
Re: In the open
You are not alone Vinny. That would be great to see with the camera as a voyeur and maybe some real passer-by. Sitges looks like a laid back place.
Caprice has got such a pretty smile. Ummmm.
Feels good
I really felt it with her when the water splashed around her pussy (at about 3:20). You guys will never know how good that feels to us. I get shivery just watching it.
In the open
I’ll tell you what I would like to see in a movie like this one. How about the girl gets up to something out in the open or just hidden a bit where she might get seen any time? Is it just me that gets turned on by that?
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Heiß und feucht

Warmes Meer, heiße Sonne und eine vor sich hinbrutzelnde Schönheit können nur zu einer Schlußfolgerung führen: Es ist höchste Zeit mit Caprice zu chillen.

Sie beeilt sich ihr kleines Kleidchen abzustreifen. Sie möchte ihren ganzen Körper bräunen. Nachdem sie sich ordentlich mit Sonnencreme eingerieben hat, ist es an der Zeit uns ihren Traumkörper zu präsentieren. Caprice gibt sich all ihren Empfindungen hin. Als das Meer zum ersten Mal ganz weit oben durch ihre Beine spritzt quietscht sie vergnügt. Vielleicht weckt dies Erinnerungen?

Sie ist sorglos und eifrig dabei sich an der Natur zu erfreuen.Tun Sie's ihr gleich.

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