Mercedes Extreme Self Loving

February 21, 2012
Rude awakening

Mercedes has been having pleasant dreams. Now she can’t wait to make them come true.

The instant she opens her eyes she knows what she wants to do. She throws back the covers to revel in her naked body. Feverishly she uses her fingers to explore deep within. Every way into herself is there for her pleasure. She goes harder and deeper as the excitement drives her onwards. She will do anything to satisfy her passion.

See where it takes her. Join her on her wild ride.

  • Runtime: 15:05 Minutes
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Members' Comments

Mercedes is sooooo attractive. Petter did fine work bringing the intimacy. We feel we are there. I wish I were there.
What a lovely pussy !
She knows what she is doing, wish i could help her
This young lady knows what she is doing, she must do this a lot..
so erotically charged. thank you mercedes
This girl is beautiful, would love to see her on a Sybian.
Need much more from this natural woman
Hello. Very nice film!! I just love Mercedes!! Is there comming more movies soon? From your best fan :)
Mercedes did a nice job of finger fucking. I like her, she is very hot.
Next to the actule act of making love, there's not many things that can top a lovely HOT body female masterbating and getting off......and Mercedes is Very Hot........she should be put up there with Silvie and Dominica....HOTHOTHOT!!!!!
she knows how to play with that thang
Wow Mercedes.... one heckuva show....... you know how to play with that thang!! i want to jump in that bed so BAD... oh Yea !!
Love abs
I can not get over her abs when she contracts. And her breasts are so full and perfect.
very good point!
RE: Mercedes self pleasure
well I love the background music... it is a beautiful addition to this little beautiful woman full of muscles and grace. she is delicate and strong and the music emphaises this delicate part. It makes the full secene much more beautiful in my opinion. b.
Model is beautiful and sexy- one tip guys and gals- you NEVER put fingers that have been in an ass back into a vagina, it causes infections- remember health class folks.
Mercedes thank you so much for is terrifically hot film. I will fantasize this one for a long long time.
Perfect body
Wow, erotic beyond imagination. She has a PERFECT blend of femine curves and toned muscles!
Mercedes self pleasure
I don't disagree with any of my predecessors, but do we really need violins and pianos competing with heavy breathing and that delicious squooshing?
HOT from the 1st frame to the last
Just terrific. Mercedes is just spectacular - so frigging sexy! Camera work was great and she is just the best. More like it!
Mercedes' Rude Awakening
Nothing short of magnificent!!!! Very stimulating to watch and hear. Beautiful young women, highly sexual - extremely provocative and erotic. Definitely the very best yet...can't get enough of her...
that girl gonna rip her tits off, if she aint careful!!!LOL
Sehr schön...
Sehr schönes Mädchen und man müsste mehr solche Filme Bringen,wo sich frau Anal verwöhnt... Sehr schön
Let's face it this girl, needs a good stuffing :-)
Hot Alleycat
A great "performance" by Mercedes and I do really love this girl, I am completely soft on her. It started so promisingly with three fingers and the exciting prospect of some deep fisting. Maybe next time! But I must confess that I was bewildered that there were no visible signs of wetness and her fingers never appeared sticky. Sticky fingers are aways a turn on because you know the girl is fully aroused. I am more than happy to be corrected!
Feels her ass
The way she grips and pulls at herself when she gets aroused, like at about 4:20 and other times when she feels her ass, is fantastic.
The views from right overhead give it an extra boost. Maybe there is room to play around with that a bit more in other situations?
Ass play
Plenty of ass play is always good. Go Mercedes. How about a whole movie on that and nothing else starring Mercedes again?
Other girls
If Mercedes can pleasure herself like this just think what she could do if she gets together with one of the other girls. Bring it on.
Raises the bar
Mercedes raises the bar with this film. It’s fantastic seeing a great looking chick like her do this to herself.
Mercedes F1
Simply: wowwwwwwwwwwwwwww