Candice Engelie Kiki Valérie B... | May 29, 2012

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Durée : 3:07 Minutes

Commentaires des Membres

It was short and hurried, but as always, the lady's were fantastic. Thanks Lady's
Ssecond Part?
I want to see what the Girls do after naked billiards!!!!!! But not only 3 minutes of action
no one really cares about the pool game anyway
see above
J'apprécie ce thème, particulièrement ce voyeurisme ou des filles s'occupe à leur tâche ou loisir, nues ou vêtues d'un soutien gorge quand je peux admirer leur intimité, avec pourquoi pas, des boules de geisha, spéculum, gode ou tampon.
I agree with Roger, a Pt.2 would be great if only better edited and less hurried. There was ample opportunity to get some better close ups. Good to see the girls having a lot of fun without too much posing.They all looked great.
RE: RE: this film poorly edited
I fully agree with Roger.
Hey, Anonymous! They probably didn´t have time to grow it.
RE: this film poorly edited
It Is a great film, I love watching four beautiful naked girls, and the rapid editing gives a certain tantalizing "Porn-Lite" quality, but Hedonist has a point. How about a "Part Two" with slower pacing and longer shots? What would be great would be a lot of slow up-from-slightly-below straight-on buttcrack shots that show the cunt lips peeking out from below. The extraordinary, but all too brief shot at 2:11 is a perfect example. Just do a lot more of that and make them longer pans. (Especially of Engelie!) After all, the girls Do have to bend over to hit a pool ball! We might as well enjoy it! Again thanks to Petter and all the girls for a great film.
this film poorly edited
the women are all gorgeous and a delight to see -- if we could only get 5 seconds of lingering on a girl to give you time to take her all in. this film cuts and jumps so quickly between the women it is annoying as hell. It's the worst kind of tease - it never gives you a chance to appreciate any of the varied body shapes and curves before it jumps perspectives again. I hate this style of film edit. Come on, Petter - you can do wayyyyy better than this.
please make more of this kind of film, love it so much!!
With four women in this video, couldn't one have pubic hair? This was an opportunity to accommodate the preferences of many subscribers.
nice to see the girls just hangin out and goofin off!cool video!
Bouncing Tits
What a joy to watch four naked beautiful girls relax and enjoy themselves without the strain of having to please the viewer. To watch girls nude as they do something else is so voyeuristically erotic. The nudity is simply there, free and natural for us to enjoy. Same quality in the Muriel Elliptical Cross Trainer video where a beautiful naked girl is doing something else. Oh yes...I love how the girls' tits bounce every time they hit the ball!
Re: Just a pool game.
This game is the perfect way to show off their breasts when they lean over the table. That’s enough justification for me.
Doing their thing
Relax Seb and let the girls do their thing. In my book they are so great to watch I could hang out with them all day
Guys as well
How about another movie with some guys playing as well? That would be good news for us girls.
Just a pool game
I was hoping that all this would lead on to some more sexy action between them all and not just be a game of pool.
Best game
This has got to be the best game ever. If only it was like this down my local bar.
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Les jeux sont faits

Lorsque des filles se rassemblent c'est pour passer du bon temps. Voici un exemple par tant d'autres.

Elles sont bien habituées à prendre la position parfaite. Ensuite tout ira exactement là où s'est supposé aller. C'est une expérience très satisfaisante lorsque ça arrive. Cela implique beaucoup de fléchissements. Elles doivent étirer leurs membres sans relâche. Ce qui est une simple affaire pour elles. Elles s'encouragent entre elles alors que chacune leur tour elles tâtent les boules.

Le billard est vraiment le sport parfait pour les spectateurs.


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