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Húmeda Vika | Dec 03, 2003

Duración: 3:36 Minutos
Comentarios de los Miembros

Mother of all beauty
Just my two-cents worth,Vika is the mother of all beauty. Simple but you will not be tired of looking at her face..and body as well.
Star quality
Vika is my personal favourite of all your models, her personality shines through the photos and it is so very apparent when you see her in video. A rare, star quality. I can only hope that she will be searching for a Mr Right one day on your site.
Just lovely
This girl is just like a little red rose. Very lovely but on the other side a little noughty too. Whoever made this move ill give ten thumbs up, and say keep on the good work. The movies are getting better and more lovely than ever.
perfect woman
this nice girl in a movie is the best i have seen ever
Vika rocks!
Finally "nasty" Vika!
a pleasure to view
I think that vika Is part water creature, She looks like she Is a home In the pool. Her slime tight body Is amazing.
Vika is Beautiful and Sexy!
Vika is so sexy and beautiful and when she smiles you just wanna melt as she is so irresistable! Vika is a natural beauty and there is nothing better than that!
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Diversión en Verano

Vika ha vuelto, ¡y el sol vuelve a brillar!

Un día perfecto para darse un buen chapuzón en la piscina. Mira a esta super modelo saludable y bronceada zambullirse en el agua, jugar con el perro y echarse vino por todo el cuerpazo.

¡Una chica que sabe pasársela bien!

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