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Flora y Mike - Detrás de las c... | Dec 11, 2012

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Duración: 5 Minutos

Comentarios de los Miembros

The vid.
She sure is cute and he sure has a great body. Too much jumping around here, no consistent theme.
RE: slow down
I agree totally with you Basia you are totally right it needs to slow down its so nice subject and super color and contrast and the expressions of her it realy needs to slow down not to loose the value of this super session
nice work peter ! who's the music artist playing ?
Hi there I really hope we can soon see the complete film, As many other there I really like your films and especially the massages - I am here because of that amazing peformers and pictures. Please my wish for the new year: more updates in massages and films - more girl and boy films and more of hotter .... action ... Happy new year
RE: RE: flora & Mike
All images and films of Flora & Mike do show excellent interaction of two wonderful personalities in beautiful bodies. In my view it is not about investigations into limits for certain categories. Exploring all positions and interactions of these two persons has only just started. teasing each other is such an attraction for our viewing pleasure. Well intended and deliberate touching of bodies has so many angels and perspectives. It is my expectation Petter will be able to find many of those to show here.
RE: flora & Mike
If Hegre-Art ever goes that far it would be best on the Film site, rather than on the Massage site. That way the 'purists' won't be upset and the Libertin(e)s can indulge their interests.
flora & Mike
Every time Flora & Mike meet in your shoots there is a clear and positive sensation in the air. Their beautiful bodies respond and interact in such attraction to each other, so well caught in your images. Great to see more often.
Flora & Mike behind the scenes
A really fun film to watch. I think that in many ways Flora and Mike are the perfect couple? Would really love to see a future film where Flora massages and strokes Mike to a natural conclusion, where it ends in an orgasm with her hands and possibly also her feet too? A scene where she performs fellatio on him would be icing on the cake! More of these two please?
Oh My God
Flora is incredibly hot and this guy is a stud. I pretty much would Love to watch him slide it inside of her. I would be happy just watching her stroke him off until he cums. We've seen that and it is awesome. Just two ridiculously sexy models and the arousal state just keeps your heart pumping the Entire five minutes. Loved every second of it.
RE: Nice
I well understand that these scenes are stage managed' but -- the point I was making -- the appearance of the photographer takes away any illusion of spontaneity. It would be the same if it happened in the massage videos or other films. We all know the photographer is there with several assistants otherwise the images would not appear, and we are obviously very grateful to them and appreciate their talents -- but they should not be visible in the shoot. The 'directorial' elements can be edited out before transmission.
Nice shoot, the couple obviously had fun doing it. Good to see that Mike's gun can get hard. In many shoots it seemed he couldn't be aroused. This is much nicer, and seeing him laughing as well. Some firing would be ok.
slow down
Yes, I love the set, however I would slow down the things. Let them to have the time so that the rapport would be seen and felt very very strongly. Now I think it is that they have like 1h session and they need to do it right within that time. What if give them 1h together first massaging themselves with no rush, and then make 1h photo session. I think the erotica would spark all around ;o). Well, that is my opinion. I would to that ;o).
I find the tease to be very erotic. That was, I believe the whole purpose of the shoot. Although, to see just a bit more of real interaction, other than stroking, would have been nice. Not full-on porn but a hint. Flora seems quite comfortable with Mike and he with her. I didn't mind the photographer (who, by the way, is the reason we even have this site), as it brought a little more artistic value to the shoot. One that truly turned me on.
Flora & Mike
These two just absolutely dominate!! So intense!
Slow down
I think that they should slow down. There is too much rushing in this. I know it is not the movie itself. It is about making the movie. But erotica needs time to develop a mood.
He is just getting going when this stops. I wanted to see some more of him.
Why is Mike so solemn almost all of the time? I admit he lightens up a little bit in this but I think he should relax more than he does.
Enjoying herself
I love the way Flora always looks like she is enjoying herself. That is not always the case with models, not by a long way. But Flora always shows she is doing something she likes.
Mike you are as impressive as always. I have been waiting for your next appearance. It is as good as I hoped for.
All in all, a very titillating and teasingly delightful video. FLORA is absolutely perfect here, showing her firm, shapely cuerpo to full effect. She has lots of gusto and sin verguenza, takes especial delight in oiling-down Mike's body and toying with his rock-hard chocolate penis. For his part, Mike enjoys it. Both he and FLORA have a winning rapport here.
Flora and Mike -Making of Big Gun
I would like to see a 15-20 minute film of this, in sequence but without the intrusive photographer. That should be quite erotic.
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El más alto calibre

Flora y Mike deciden las tomas cuando se trata de escenas explosivas. Así es como se preparan.

Cada arma necesita estar bien aceitada. De esa manera se mantiene en óptimas condiciones para poder confiar en ella cuando sea necesaria. Aquí es donde Flora entra en acción. Es una experta en aplicar el tipo exacto de aceite. Está en casa con armas de cañón largo. Mike se pone en sus manos para asegurarse de conseguir el tratamiento que quiere.

Entonces es hora de que el devuelva el cumplido.

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