Valerie Hotel Barcelona

December 25, 2012
Suite vision

Valerie checks in. Then she checks herself out.

She enjoys looking herself over. Is everything as gorgeous as it should be? She’s going to make sure that it will be. Every little fold and crease of her is lathered. Her fingers work the bubbles into the secret places that deserve lingering attention. Just to be sure, she does it to herself again. She doesn’t stop until everywhere has been totally rubbed and soaked.

Then – and only then - will Valerie be satisfied.

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Members' Comments

She is just so beautiful
Be happy.
La Valerie
Nevermind mega litres of cum spurted!! She is just catch ya breath beautiful! This is not a video to cum by, its to marvel at and appreciate. It visual poetry!
Les Stars d'Hollywood et toutes celles des autres pays doivent être jalouses du corps extraordinaire de VALERIE. Quelle beauté , quelle perfection.....je crois rêver! Mon Dieu ,faites encore et encore des filles comme ça......!
Very sexy
Wow, she is even sexy with her clothes on!
RE: Du bist nicht das Ende der Welt,
Um, wow. So Valerie, you're not the end of the world. An unusual compliment for sure ;-)
Du bist nicht das Ende der Welt,
du bist das Zentrum des Universums.
Such a beautiful woman. Imagine how many litres of cum have been spurted on your behalf You are so sexy.
anal massage?
I do believe you guys are asking the wrong person! it's her body! (although, Ms Valerie, if you are reading this, I must say I wouldn't mind seeing some such myself!lol love you, whatever you decide!)
RE: Anal massage would be a beautiful thing
I heartily concur: Anal massage and penetration of beautiful Valerie and for many of the other Hegre models would not only be beautiful. It would be a pleasureable and much deserved reward to them for working so hard to show us their beauty
Anal massage would be a beautiful thing
I have to agree with the other comment that an anal massage video with Valerie would be a beautiful sight to see. What are the chances we could see this happen??
Valerie Anal Massage
Can we please see an anal massage of Valerie
Valerie is stunningly gorgeous ........breathtaking sensuality . and just a beautiful woman !
Valerie rules, she´s the best ever...
Valerie hotel Barcellona
Valerie you are the end of the World.Magnifique!
best yet of lovely goddess valerie! merry christmas to me!hehehe (still hoping to get that kiss, though! :P ) kinda looked like she was dreaming of mike's "beast" in the beginning, there!lol thanks for sharing your incredible beauty, Ms Valerie! much love!
Valerie at her best. Loved the start with her fully clothed then on to the shower. Such a beauty, such gracefulness.
Valerie is so beautiful and hot. This film is steaming radiance all over. Clearly this girl needs loving company. The pictures and films made then will be a great contribution.
Valeriei s so beautiful and hot in radiance. Clearly this girls needs loving company.