Leyla 50 nuances de gris | Feb 19, 2013

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Durée : 30:51 Minutes

Commentaires des Membres

Leyla -50 Shades of Gray
With "Kiki -50 Shades of Gray" the most erotic film I ever saw. Thank you Petter!
Just when I thought I've seen it all. Holy Mind Fuck! Poor Leyla...I need a cold shower
That is about the most erotic thing I have ever seen.
RE: this vid
She is hot soooooo HOT
She is hot and the consept is good pls more of that stuff
Just fantastic, I hope i was there
RE: Mezmorizing
Yes, this one is amazing! Oh my! Really fantastic, first time I would say this about one that doesn't even show breasts. Really the best ever. Memorable. Wow.
Total captivating. One of the best, most erotic videos I've ever seen. Just loved it!
Amazing!! More like this please!!
Please mas videos with other girls
Great Video I agree with all the other writer you should make more videos like this one. Where you can see the girls really enjoying themselves. This video keeps you watching till the last minute and i usually don't watch porn videos from beginning to the end. But this video and the version with KIKI i have watched it at least 10 times from the beginning to the end
Please ---- more of this, with the other girls!
Great, great great idea.
Brilliant. She is so natural and real. Beautiful woman. It is incredibly erotic and funny too.
I wanted to see more of Leyla reading. I'm certain she was have a ...hard... time concentrating on the book. More please....
this vid
This girl is not attractive.
That is the sexiest thing on this site. WOW. Can't wait see more of Leyla.
RE: Leyla
Really nice film, can't find more of Leyla?. She's fantastic.
More Please
Reading books will never be the same again. I hope this will start a new video trend!
Absolutely hilarious!!! The funniest book reading I have ever seen! I was in tears of laughter by the end. Nice to see someone taking the piss out of this pulp fiction rubbish. Congratulations!
She is so beautiful, one of the most erotic films I have ever watched.Total captivation.....
One of the most arousing videos I have ever watched. It makes a big difference when the model truely gets into pleasing herself and lets go. Outstanding!
Absolutely spectacular. What a stimulating and exciting video. Leyla is gorgeous and a very brave young woman.
RE: RE: Leyla -- 50 Shades of Gray
I agree. A genuine Sybian is a significant challenge to any girl. And her voice could be almost as overwhelmed by the noise as her body would be by the vibrations. If a Sybian were on full power, she probably couldn't survive more than 10 minutes on it. By then, she would be virtually speechless.
Good Theatre!
RE: Leyla -- 50 Shades of Gray
Definitely NOT a Sybian. Why even mention the Sybian in blurb about this video. Looks like a Hitachi-type 'ball' vibrator in a saddle style holder. Nice to see Leyla having a good time but should wouldn't be able to talk while riding a Sybian.
Leyla...50 shades of grey
One of the best videos on this site ever....Leyla is beautiful!
Where is Leyla's profile? I think that after we have seen the lady completely nude, bound, blindfolded, penetrated vaginally and anally (in the massage film) and driven to multiple orgasms for our entertainment (in both), the proper etiquette demands a formal introduction.
Leyla -- 50 Shades of Gray
She wasn't actually on a Sybian. I doubt if any of the girls could match this when riding a real Sybian, (which is a far more powerful machine), but it would be interesting to see an attempt at it. It would have to be an Olympian performance.
Great work Leyla
Great to see how she lives true the story and getting more exited every second she read the story. One of the best films of this site. I'm clad the way these films are going. Keep up the good work Peter and all models.
50 Shades of Gray
As literature, 50 Shades of Gray is laughable, but Leyla's incredible performance transforms it into true erotic prose. Even with no nudity this film surpasses, for me, almost everything else Mr. Hegre has done. I noticed how lovely Leyla's mouth is in the Forced Orgasm video, and her lips are even sexier in this one. Bravo, Leyla! And can we see more of her, Petter?
Podcast to remember
That's a podcast to dream of. This video is there to be remembered for decades.
Leyla I wanted you know how exciting it is to watch you being excited like you are her. Do more like this please.
maybe I'll like it a bit more when my ear infection clears up! I couldnt here it! lol
RE: Act out
You are on to something there. Can we have another one with Leyla showing episodes from the book?
Act out
I think that Leyla could have sort of acted out a bit more what she was reading. Not exactly sure how that would work but I’ll leave that to Leyla.
Congratulations on an original and very sexy movie. Leyla is just right for this one.
Video version
I have read this book many times and now I have a video version of it as well! Thanks!
Leyla -50 Shades of Gray
A superbly courageous effort of concentration on reading aloud for almost 30 minutes during incessant intense sexual stimulation through successive orgasms. A Top Class erotic performance from Leyla. I hope she enjoyed the experience.
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Idées de roman

Leyla connait une super histoire et ne peut attendre d'aller au lit pour la conter.

Elle enfourche un puissant vibromasseur Sybian. Elle pense que cela la réveillera doucement. Elle plonge dans le conte. Des vagues de plaisir viennent du livre et de la machine. Leyla intente de faire durer la lecture. Elle essaie de reprendre le contrôle et lutte pour résister au plaisir. On voit à quel point elle bataille. Mais le Sybian prend le dessus.

C'est ce qu'on appelle un happy ending.


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