Kiki 50 Shades Of Gray

March 19, 2013
Inside story

Kiki has found the words for her own fantasies. The action unfolds on the pages in front of her. Her body responds in tune.

She can totally identify with the heroine. She has been there many times in her imagination. It is one of her favourite places. Yet again Kiki has an urgent desire to return to it once more. She relives the mounting excitement even while she tries to hold back.

All her efforts to restrain herself are in vain. Overwhelming lust pierces her.


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Members' Comments

More of this, much more of this!
A dream
This is only a dream. Tell me: ist it only a dream? Or is it true that there is a world where angels can read? H. has created something new in the world of erotica we never thought it would be possible. And Kiki: I'm speechless! One of the most sexiest motion pictures I've ever seen...
RE: More!
I am totally agree
provoking thoughts
excellent video concept and idea. hegre you are seriously improving your technique, compared to the launch year of your site. bravo!
she is a beuty
you are kiddng me
fantastic my dear
RE: SO hot!
dear god
very nice
Wonderful!! More like this please!!
Please, give us more films in this setting, with some of the other girls!
Kiki Reads
Unreal...breaktaking...bringing the art of erotic literature to a whole new way of being ..."erotic theater" of the mind (and body)...bravo to Kiki and all involved...
RE: Turns me on
So what did you do ?
good stimulation for my ear
I like Kiki's ukrainian accent. More video of this kind please, where I can hear girls speaking English with their native accent, or even in their own language with english subtitles.
SO hot!
This is so ULTRA-HOT! The whole idea!
thanks for the subtitles lol
RE: Kiki - 50 Shades of Gray
hard work...for kiki & us watching...
There are three volumes of this book. I suggest that the girls take it in turns to read highlights from them all
Turns me on
I have got a great kick out of reading along with Kiki. Doing it together with her turns me on.
Act out
Kiki I like the way you act out what the books says like you do with your nipples at 6.00. I want to see more like that.
Kiki - 50 Shades of Gray
Another sensational performance. More, please!.