Kiki Histoire d'O

April 30, 2013
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Compagnions de nuit

Kiki retrouve de vieux amis. Cela fait longtemps qu'elle ne les a pas revus. Elle sait qu'elle peut toujours compter sur eux.

Sa lecture font remonter des souvenirs. Elle feuillette les pages lues et relues qui lui ont octroyé des moments si heureux. Mais lequel de ses petits amis sera l'élu cette fois-ci ? Ils lui donnent tous du plaisir alors comment choisir ? Sans doute le meilleur moyen sera d'en essayer plusieurs ?

Oui – le résultat est le bon, la solution probante.

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Commentaires des Membres

Story of O
Perhaps Hegre's wonderful talent could be used to re-create some of the scenes from Story of O in all their intensity.
Thank you Kiki; you are willing to share so much with us. It is appreciated.
Great model, authentic lovely from beginning to end.
This book is a classic and so is the way that Kiki is shown reacting to it. She is really into it.
RE: Classic
Could be taken further by using the ideas and scenes in the book as the starting point for themes in future sessions.
I liked the film but the voyeur effect was spoilt a bit when she smiled at the camera.
RE: Spoilt
IMHO it is sexier to know that the girl knows she is being watched and that gets her going more.
Any more
Kiki I like your style with your toys. Have you any more of them to show?