In Bed With Ksenia

May 7, 2013
Showcasing the future

It’s here, right now, to amaze you. We’ve chosen Ksenia as the curtain raiser for our hugely enhanced filming standard.

A beautiful woman deserves the very best. That’s just what Ksenia gets from our Hollywood-quality 4K-capable large sensor camera. Every detail of her body is there. Skin tones are as rich and luminous as if she is lying beside you. Movement is both sensual and sharp.

You are in on the start of a new era of Hegre-Art. There’s much more to come.

  • Runtime: 8:37 Minutes
  • Format:
    • Full HD 1080p (107 MB)
    • HD 720p (76 MB)
    • SD 480p (49 MB)

Members' Comments

So nice
... to see gorgeous Ksenia in motion. I think the video would have been better with slower panning of the camera. My eyes would like to savor the visual feast of Ksenia's beautiful body.
My what a mesmerizing young lady, nice work. =)
je veux plus de films avec Ksenia ! pitier!!!
Beautiful but the editing...
Love Ksenia's body and pose in the video. But, like so many other comments of recent, too much artsy editing. Too much editing techniques used, fewer fade in and out shots, less cuts. I have been away from Hegre Art for a while, so I was a little disappointed in some of the newer films. I remember films with Anna S. that are just beautifully erotic with longer continuous shots and not so much artsy influence. The girls on Hegre Art are beautiful and that is what we want to see in these films, so let it be just that.
RE: Beautiful but the editing...
I agree with you( to many fade ins and cuts)!The young lady is what makes it most erotic.Oh sure, a fade in can be expected at the start--even a of couple cuts,but beyond that it becomes an intrusion into our enjoyment of the movie and lessons the quality of the movie.
Ksenia clip
I appreciate Ksenia beauty a lot, but I must confess that I really hate a video done with so numerous cuts, which. Please do more in bed videos with other models.
Simply Sublime
Intimate nuanced moments in a sensitively choreographed performance by the delightful Ksenia, although I thought the leaping about at the end was completely out of context. The score was nicely complimentary as was the good cinematography...
First Quality Ass
Reviewing this video a second time I was struck even more than before what an incredible ass Ksenia has. Panty pull-down shots should be from behind. Love the panty pull-down at 4:30 and that it is repeated at 5:00. My how those round buns (buns "out to there") jiggle!
Ksenia & Mike??
Great new model! How about a new dream team -> Ksenia & Mike! :-) Think about it.
RE: Ksenia & Mike??
Hi Peter you are so right ! I like the girl boy massages very much here ! But there are too few of them ... Regards Herbert
Oui cette fille est superbe, il serait très intéressant effectivement de la voir dans une séance de massage.
Du grand art, dommage pour les plans trop courts de la partie postérieure de cette déesse callipyge...
Hot Girl but less hot music
Ksenia is attractive , though the music doesn't fit to her..it's too romantic and too slow. She is more Rock 'n Roll to me , or at least the usual Hegre Music with jazzy taste sounds better.
I hope
I hope you guys include this beautiful young lady in some of the massage videos..if you havent already
Seeing the absolutely gorgeous Ksenia nude with her lovely face and incredible ass hasn't been the only benefit for me this week. I have also learned how to spell Ksenia, a name I had never heard of before, but now will always remember.
Great opening Film. Let's hope there is more.
This girl is very talented, very beautiful, also the hole film is very sensitve and arousing Thanks a lot for this Film
lovely lady! very artistic video! my only gripe is that I couldnt hear those smacks on her lovely popka! hehehe :P
A tease
She is being a tease at the moment. That’s OK for a while but I hope that we will be getting a whole lot more than this.
New talent
She’s looking like a great new talent. I can’t wait to see loads more of her.
Tiny detail
I’m loving those opening shots where you can see all the tiny details of her skin. Now you can get that I’m keen to get the rest of her.
Great use of slo-mo to bring over how appealing she is. It suits the mood and her perfectly
Extra clear
I am impressed by the visuals in this movie. Thinking particularly of the way that we get the movement of her hair. The whole thing is extra clear and lush.